Creepy Nuts / 堕天


01. 堕天 [2:54]
02. ロスタイム [3:39]
03. よふかしのうた (Remastered) [4:00]
04. 堕天 (Instrumental) [2:53]
01. 『堕天』 (TVアニメ「よふかしのうた」ノンクレジットOPムービー) [1:31]
02. 『よふかしのうた』 (TVアニメ「よふかしのうた」ノンクレジットEDムービー) [1:32]
03. 『ロスタイム』×TVアニメ「よふかしのうた」 スペシャルミュージックビデオ [3:42]
04. TVアニメ「よふかしのうた」 アフレコ密着ムービー [6:33]

R-指定 [Rap] on D1M1~3//D2C1~3
DJ松永 [All Other Instruments]
川口大輔 [Keyboards] on D1M1/4//D2C1
磯貝一樹 [Guitar] on D1M1/2/4//D2C1/3
真船勝博 [Bass] on D1M1/2/4///D2C1/3
西岡ヒデロー [Trumpet] on D1M1/4//D2C1
東條あづさ [Trombone] on D1M1/4//D2C1
栗原健 [Tenor Saxophone] on D1M1/4//D2C1

Vocals Recorded by 小坂剛正 [D1M1/4//D2C1], 高根晋作 [D1M2//D2C3
Horns Recorded by 小坂剛正 [D1M1/4//D2C1]
Mixed by D.O.I.
Mastered by Randy Merrill

D2C1/2: TV Edit

D1M1: taken from "堕天" Digital Single [2022]
D1M3: taken from "よふかしのうた" Digital Single [2018]

1st Retail Limited Time Edition, with a cardboard sleeve case, and a bonus BD

opening theme for TV Animation "よふかしのうた" [D1M1//D2C1]
ending theme for TV Animation "よふかしのうた" [D1M3//D2C2]
insert song for TV Animation "よふかしのうた" [D1M2//D2C3]