The Power Station / The Power Station


01. Some Like It Hot [5:05]
02. Murderess [4:17]
03. Lonely Tonight [3:58]
04. Communication [3:37]
05. Get It On (Bang A Gong) [5:29]
06. Go To Zero [4:58]
07. Harvest For The World [3:37]
08. Still In Your Heart [3:20]
-bonus tracks-
09. Someday, Somehow, Someone's Gotta Pay [4:32]
10. The Heat Is On [3:18]
11. Communication (Long Remix) [4:39]
12. Get It On (Bang A Gong) (7") [3:45]
13. Some Like It Hot And The Heat Is On [6:36]
14. Communication (Remix) [3:51]
15. Some Like It Hot (7") [3:44]
01. Introduction [1:11]
02. Some Like It Hot Video Shoot [2:19]
03. Some Like It Hot Video [3:45]
04. On Each Other And Recording # 1 [3:36]
05. Get It On Video [3:42]
06. On Each Other And Recording # 2 [6:20]
07. Communication Video [3:52]
08. Summary/End Credits [0:55]
09. Some Like It Hot (Live On Saturday Night Live) [4:31]

Robert Palmer [Vocals] on D1M1~8/10~15//D2
John Taylor [Bass]
Tony Thompson [Drums]
Andy Taylor [Guitars]
Michael Des Barres [Vocals] on D1M9
Curtis King Jr. [Additional Vocals] on D1//D2C3/5/7
Fronzi Thornton [Additional Vocals] on D1//D2C3/5/7
B.J. Nelson [Additional Vocals] on D1//D2C3/5/7
Charmaine Burch [Additional Vocals] on D1//D2C3/5/7
Lenny Pickett [Brass] on D1//D2C3/5/7
Mark Pender [Brass] on D1//D2C3/5/7
Stan Harrison [Brass] on D1//D2C3/5/7
Hollywood Paul Litteral [Brass] on D1//D2C3/5/7
Mars Williams [Brass] on D1//D2C3/5/7
Roger Taylor [Percussive Effects] on D1//D2C3/5/7
Jimmy Bralower [Percussive Effects] on D1//D2C3/5/7
Wally Badarou [Keyboards] on D1//D2C3/5/7
David LeBolt [Keyboards] on D1//D2C3/5/7
Robert Sabino [Keyboards] on D1//D2C3/5/7
Rupert Hine [Keyboards] on D1//D2C3/5/7

Produced by Bernard Edwards [D1M1~8/10~15//D2C3/5/7], Tony Thompson [D1M9], Michael Des Barres [D1M9], Andy Taylor [D1M9], John Taylor [D1M9]
Engineered by Jason Caorsaro [D1M1~8/10~15//D2C3/5/7]
Mixed by Jason Caorsaro [D1M1~8/10~15//D2C3/5/7], Bernard Edwards [D1M10~15//D2C3/5/7]
Second Engineers by Steve Rinkoff [D1M1~8/10~15//D2C3/5/7], Rob Eaton [D1M1~8/10~15//D2C3/5/7], Tony Taverner [D1M1~8/10~15//D2C3/5/7]

Recorded Live at NBC Studio, New York City, NY, USA, February 16, 1985 for Saturday Night Live [D2C9]


D2C3/5: 7"
D2C7: Remix

D1M10/15//D2C3: taken from "Some Like It Hot" 7"EP [1985]
D1M13: taken from "Some Like It Hot / The Heat Is On" 12"EP [1985]
D1M12//D2C5: taken from "Get It On (Bang A Gong)" 7"EP [1985]
D1M14//D2C7: taken from "Communication" 7"EP [1985]
D1M11: taken from "Communication" 12"EP [1985]

Limited Edition, with 7 bonus tracks, and a bonus DVD