Mike + The Mechanics / Mike + The Mechanics


01. Silent Running [6:14]
02. All I Need Is A Miracle [4:10]
03. Par Avion [3:35]
04. Hanging By A Thread [4:41]
05. I Get The Feeling [4:30]
06. Take The Reins [4:18]
07. You Are The One [3:45]
08. A Call To Arms [4:41]
09. Taken In [4:17]

Mike Rutherford [Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals]
Peter Van Hooke [Drums]
Paul Carrack [Lead Vocals on M1/5/8, Backing Vocals]
Adrian Lee [Keyboards]
Paul Young [Lead Vocals on M2/4/6, Backing Vocals]
Allan Murphy [Guitar]
John Kirby [Lead Vocals] on M3/7/9
Gene Stashuck [Backing Vocals] on M8
Christopher Neil [Backing Vocals]
Alan Carvel [Backing Vocals]
Linda Taylor [Backing Vocals]
Derek Austin [Keyboards]
Ian Wherry [Keyboards]
John Earle [Sax]
Ray Beavis [Sax]
Louis Jardin [Percussion]

Produced by Christopher Neil
Engineered by Simon Hurrell
Equipment by Dale
CD Mastering by Barry Diament

with a lyrics/Japanese liner notes