Living Colour / Vivid


01. Cult Of Personality [4:54]
02. I Want To Know [4:24]
03. Middle Man [3:47]
04. Desperate People [5:36]
05. Open Letter (To A Landlord) [5:32]
06. Funny Vibe [4:20]
07. Memories Can't Wait [4:30]
08. Broken Hearts [4:50]
09. Glamour Boys [3:39]
10. What's Your Favorite Color? (Theme Song) [3:56]
11. Which Way To America? [3:41]

Vernon Reid [Guitars, Vocals]
Corey Glover [Lead Vocal]
Muzz Skillings [Bass, Vocals]
William Calhoun [Drums, Percussion, Vocals]
Mick Jagger [Background Vocals on M9, Harmonica on M8]
Chuck D. [Social Commentary] on M6
M.C.DJ Flavor Flav [Social Commentary] on M6
Jay Henry [Digital Restructuring, Reassembly]
Dennis Diamond [Barker] on M8
-The Fowler Family-
Bernard Fowler [Background Vocals] on M2/5
Muriel Fowler [Background Vocals] on M2/5
Wilfred Fowler [Background Vocals] on M2/5

Produced by Ed Stasium [M1~8/10], Mick Jagger [M9/11]
Recorded by Ed Stasium [M1~8/10], Paul Hamingson [M1~8/10], Ron St. Germain [M9/11]
Engineer by Paul Hamingson [M1~8/10]
Mixed by Ed Stasium
[Mixed] Assisted by Paul Haingson
Assistant Engineers by Danny Mormando, Debi Cornish, Stephen Immerwahr, Mike McMackin, Tom Duraack, U.E. Nastasi
Mastered by Greg Calbi