Philip Bailey / Chinese Wall


01. Photogenic Memory [5:26]
02. I Go Crazy [4:49]
03. Walking On The Chinese Wall [5:08]
04. For Every Heart That's Been Broken [4:15]
05. Go [4:30]
06. Easy Lover / Philip Bailey Duet With Phil Collins [5:05]
07. Show You The Way To Love [4:43]
08. Time Is A Woman [4:32]
09. Woman [5:05]
10. Children Of The Ghetto [6:51]

Phil B. [Lead Vocals on M1~5/7~10, Percussion on M10, Backing Vocals on M2~4/7/8/10]
Phil C. [Drums on M1~5/7~9, Percussion on M10, Linn on M1/3/5, Vocoder on M1, Simmons on M2/8/9, Incidental Keybords on M3, Backing Vocals on M3/8]
Nate [Bass on M1~5/7~10, Kalimba Keyboard on M4, Bass Pedals on M4, Incidential Keyboards on M5]
Daryl [Guitars on M1~5/8/9, Guitar on M7/10, Solo on M4]
Lesette [Keyboards on M1~5/7~10, Piano Solo on M10]
Paulinho [Percussion] on M7/10
Josey [Backing Vocals] on M3/8
Carl [Backing Vocals] on M7/10
Winston [Backing Vocals] on M7/10
Nigel Martinez [Backing Vocals] on M8
Godfrey Wang [Synthesizer Programming] on M1~5/7~10
George Massenburg [Synthesizer Programming] on M1~5/7~10
-The Phoenix Horns-
Don Myrick [Sax on M3/5/7~9, Sax Solo on M5]
Michael Harris [Trumpet on M3/5/7~9, Trumpet Solo on M9]
Louis Satterfield [Trombone] on M3/5/7~9
Rahmlee Michael Davis [Trumpet] on M3/5/7~9

-Philip Bailey Duet With Phil Collins-
Phil B. [Lead Vocals] on M6
Phil C. [Lead Vocals, Drums, Incidential Keyboads] on M6
Nate [Bass] on M6
Daryl [Guitars, Solo] on M6
Lesette [Keyboards] on M6
Godfrey Wang [Synthesizer Programming] on M6
George Massenburg [Synthesizer Programming] on M6

Produced by Phil Collins
Engineered by George Massenburg
Assisted by Steve Chase
[Recorded] Assisted by Murray Dvorkin, Judy Clapp, Tom Perry