Rush / Power Windows


01. The Big Money [5:37]
02. Grand Designs [5:06]
03. Manhattan Project [5:07]
04. Marathon [6:09]
05. Territories [6:20]
06. Middletown Dreams [5:15]
07. Emotion Detector [5:11]
08. Mystic Rhythms [5:53]

Geddy Lee [Bass Guitar, Synthesizers, Bass Pedals, Vocals]
Alex Lifeson [Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars]
Neil Peart [Drums, Percussion, Electronic Percussion]
Andy Richards [Synthesizer Programming, Additional Keyboards]]
Jim Burgess [Synthesizer Programming]
Anne Dudley [Strings Conduted]
Andrew Jackman [Choir Conducted]

Produced by Peter Collins, Rush
Engineered by Jimbo "James" Barton
Pre-Production Engineering by Mr. Head
Assisted by Steve Chase, Matt Butler, Dave Meegan, Heff Moraes, Paul Wright
Mastered by Bob Ludwig


with Japanese explanation booklet