'Til Tuesday / Voices Carry


01. Love In A Vacuum [3:36]
02. Looking Over My Shoulder [4:16]
03. I Could Get Used To This [3:04]
04. No More Crying [4:21]
05. Voices Carry [4:20]
06. Winning The War [4:04]
07. You Know The Rest [4:27]
08. Maybe Monday [3:40]
09. Are You Serious? [3:15]
10. Don't Watch Me Bleed [3:29]
11. Sleep [3:38]

Aimee Mann [Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Bass]
Robert Holmes [Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals]
Joey Pesce [Synthesizers, Piano, Backing Vocals]
Michael Hausman [Drums, Percussion]

Produced by Mike Thorne
Engineered by Domenic Maita
Studio Assistants by Mike Krowiak, Jeff Lippay
Mixing Engineer by Harvey Goldberg
Mix Assistant by Moira Marquis
Mastered by Jak Skinner

M5: taken from "Voices Carry" 7"EP [1985]