Måneskin / Rush!


01. Own My Mind [3:11]
02. Gossip / Måneskin Feat Tom Morello [2:48]
03. Timezone [2:59]
04. Bla Bla Bla [3:04]
05. Baby Said [2:44]
06. Gasoline [3:41]
07. Feel [2:47]
08. Don't Wanna Sleep [2:35]
09. Kool Kids [2:44]
10. If Not For You [3:14]
11. Read Your Diary [2:30]
12. Mark Chapman [3:41]
13. La Fine [3:22]
14. Il Dono Della Vita [3:44]
15. Mammamia [3:06]
16. Supermodel [2:27]
17. The Loneliest [4:09]
-Japan Pressing Bonus Track-
18. Touch Me [3:47]
-Live At Toyosu Pit 2022.8.18-
01. Zitti E Buoni [4:37]
02. In Nome Del Padre [5:02]
03. Mammamia [4:14]
04. Beggin' [3:44]
05. Coraline [5:10]
06. Supermodel [2:27]
07. For Your Love [6:10]
08. Touch Me [5:57]
09. Le Parole Lontane [5:12]
10. I Wanna Be Your Slave [6:34]

Damiano David [Vocals, Guitar]
Victoria De Angelis [Bass]
Thomas Raggi [Guitar]
Ethan Torchio [Drums]
Rami Yacoub [Programming on D1M3/5/6/8/10/11/16, Backing Vocals on D1M3/5/6/8/11/16]
Sly [Programming on D1M3/5/6/8/10/11/16, Backing Vocals on D1M3/5/6/8/11/16]
Justin Tranter [Backing Vocals] on D1M3/5/6/8/11/16
Max Martin [Backing Vocals] on D1M5/8/16
Savan Kotecha [Background Vocals] on D1M7
Damiano David [Background Vocals] on D1M7
-Mattman & Robin-
Mattias Larsson [Programming, Drums, Guitars, Background Vocals] on D1M7
Robin Fredriksson [Programming, Drums, Guitars, Background Vocals] on D1M7

-Måneskin Feat Tom Morello-
Damiano David [Vocals, Guitar] on D1M2
Victoria De Angelis [Bass] on D1M2
Thomas Raggi [Guitar] on D1M2
Ethan Torchio [Drums] on D1M2
Tom Morello [Guitar] on D1M2

Produced by Fabrizio Ferraguzzo [D1M1/2/4/9/12~15/17/18], Måneskin [D1M1/2/4/9/12~15/17/18], Rami Yacoub [D1M3/5/6/8/10/11/16], Sly [D1M3/5/6/8/10/11/16], Max Martin [D1M5/10/11/16], Mattman & Robin [D1M7]
Co-Produced by Enrico Brun [D1M1/2/4/12~14/17]
Recorded by Luca Pellegrini [D1M1/2/4/9/12~15/17], Enrico La Falce [D1M4/9/14/15]
Vocals Recorded by Fabrizio Ferraguzzo [D1M1/2/4/12~14/17], Luca Pellegrini [D1M1/2/4/14/17], Rami Yacoub [D1M3/5/6/8/10/11/16], Sly [D1M3/5/6/8/10/11/16], Enrico Brun [D1M12/13]
Vocals Produced by Rami Yacoub [D1M3/5/6/8/10/16], Sly [D1M3/5/6/8/10/16]
Engineered by Sly [D1M3/5/6/8/10/11/16], Rami Yacoub [D1M3/5/6/8/10/11/16], Sam Holland [D1M5/10/16], Jeremy Lertola [D1M5/10/16]
Mixed by Enrico La Falce [D1M1/2/4/9/12~15/17], Mark "Spike" Stent [D1M3/5~7/16], Serban Ghenea [D1M8/11], Michael Ilbert [D1M10]
Engineered For Mix by John Hanes [D1M8/11]
Mix Assisted by Matt Wolach [D1M3/5/7/16]
Mastered by Enrico La Falce [D1M1/2/4/9/12~15/17], Randy Merrill [D1M3/5~8/10/11/16]
Editing by Michael Gario [D1M1/2], Marco Vialardi [D1M1/2/4/9/12~17]
Studio Assistant by Marco Vialardi [D1M1/2/4/9/12~17], Raffaele Stefani [D1M12/13], Mattia Bonvini [D1M12/13], Gabriele Barban [D1M12/13]
Tom Morello's Guitar Recorded by Carl Restivo [D1M2]

Recorded Live at Toyosu Pit, Koutou, Tokyo, Japan, August 18, 2022 [D2]

D1M15: taken from "Mammamia" CD Single [2021]
D1M18: taken from "Mammamia" 12"EP [2021]
D1M16: taken from "Supermodel" Digital Single [2022]
D1M17: taken from "The Loneliest" Digital Single [2022]

Japanese Edition [1st Retail Limited Edition], with a cardboard sleeve case, a special photo booklet, a lyrics/Japanese explanation booklet, and a bonus CD