Elton John / Ice On Fire


01. This Town [3:56]
02. Cry To Heaven [4:16]
03. Soul Glove [3:31]
04. Nikita [5:43]
05. Too Young [5:14]
06. Wrap Her Up [6:06]
07. Satellite [3:57]
08. Tell Me What The Papers Say [3:40]
09. Candy By Pound [3:57]
10. Shoot Down The Moon [4:59]
11. Act Of War [4:43]

Elton [Piano on M1~4/8/10/11, Yamaha GS Piano on M5, Lead Vocal on M5, Vocal on 1~4/6~11, Synth on M4, Synthesisers on M7, Synthesiser on M9, Yamaha TX81C on M11, Backing Vocals on M4]
George Michael [Vocal on M6, Backing Vocals on M4]
Millie Jackson [Vocal] on M11
Charlie Morgan [Drums] on M1/2/6
Mel Gaynor [Drums] on M3/7/11
Dave Mattacks [Drums on M4/8/9, Military Snare on M5]
Roger Taylor [Drums] on M5
Paul Westwood [Bass] on M1/2/6
Deon Estus [Bass] on M3/7/11
David Paton [Bass] on M4/8/9
John Deacon [Bass] on M5
Pino Palladino [Bass] on M10
Davey Johnstone [Guitar on M11, Electric Guitar on M1/3/5/6/8/9, Spanish Guitar on M2, Synth Guitar on M2/7, Backing Vocals on M3~9]
Nik Kershaw [Electric Guitar on M4/7, Guitar on M11]
Fred Mandel [Guitar on M11, Electric Guitar on M7, Synthesisers on M1/4/5/10, Keyboards on M2/3/6~9, Sequencers on M6, Yamaha DX 7 on M11, Jupiter 8 on M11, Finger Clicks on M7]
Bob Sydor [Tenor Sax] on M3
Phil Todd [Alto Sax] on M6
Pete Thomas [Tenor Sax] on M9
Nick Pentelow [Tenor Sax] on M9
Chris Pyne [Trombone] on M9
Frank Ricotti [Conga on M3, Tambourine on M3, Shaker on M3, Timps on M5, Cymbals on M5, Vibes on M9]
Gus Dudgeon [Simmons Drum] on M5/11
Kathy Sledge [Backing Vocals] on M1
Joni Sledge [Backing Vocals] on M1
Debra Sledge [Backing Vocals] on M1
Kim Sledge [Backing Vocals] on M1
Kiki Dee [Backing Vocals] on M3/5/6/8/9
Katie Kissoon [Backing Vocals] on M3/5/6/8/9
Pete Wingfield [Backing Vocals] on M3/5~9
Alan Carvell [Backing Vocals] on M3/5/7~9
-Onward International Horns-
David Bitelli [Tenor Sax on M1/3/6, Bari Sax on M1/6/9]
Paul Spong [Trumpets] on M1/3/6/9
Raul D'Oliveira [Trumpets] on M1/3/6/9
Rick Taylor [Trombone on M1/3/6/9, Bass Trombone on M3]

Produced by Gus Dudgeon
Original Tracks Recorded by Stuart Epps
Mixed by Graham Dickson, Gus Dudgeon
Edited by Graham Dickson, Gus Dudgeon
Assisted by Tom Pearce
LP Mastered by Greg Fulginiti
CDD Pre-Mastering by WCI Record Group

M7: CD Length Version
M4: Album Version