Duran Duran / Arena


01. Is There Something I Should Know? [4:34]
02. Hungry Like The Wolf [4:01]
03. New Religion [5:37]
04. Save A Prayer [6:12]
05. The Wild Boys [4:17]
06. The Seventh Stranger [5:05]
07. The Chauffeur [5:25]
08. Union Of The Snake [4:08]
09. Planet Earth [4:31]
10. Careless Memories [4:07]

Simon Le Bon [Vocals]
Nick Rhodes [Keyboards]
Andy Taylor [Guitar]
Roger Taylor [Drums]
John Taylor [Bass]
Andy Hamilton [Saxophone] on M1~4/6~10
Raphael Dejesus [Percussion] on M1~4/6~10
B. J. Nelson [Vocals] on M1~4/6~10
Charmaine Burch [Vocals] on M1~4/6~10

Live Recording Engineered by George Tutko
Engineered by Jason Corsaro
Mixed by Jason Corsaro
Produced by Duran Duran [M1~4/6~10], Nile Rodgers [M5]

Recorded Live Around The World 1984 [M1~4/6~10]

M5: taken from "The Wild Boys" 7"EP [1984]