Jamiroquai / Travelling Without Moving


01. Virtual Insanity [5:40]
02. Cosmic Girl [4:03]
03. Use The Force [4:00]
04. Everyday [4:28]
05. Alright [4:25]
06. High Times [5:53]
07. Drifting Along [4:06]
08. Didjerama [3:50]
09. Digital Vibrations [5:48]
10. Travelling Without Moving [3:40]
11. You Are My Love [3:55]
12. Spend A Lifetime [4:14]
-Bonus Tracks-
13. Do You Know Where You're Coming From / M-Beat Featuring Jamiroquai [5:02]
-hidden track-
14. Funktion [8:27]

Jay Kay [Vocals] on M1~7/9~12/14
Toby Smith [Keyboards] on M1~12/14
Stuart Zender [Bass] on M1~12/14
Derrick McKenzie [Drums] on M1~12/14
Wallis Buchanan [Didgeridoo] on M1~12/14
Simon Katz [Electric Guitar] on M1~7/9~12/14
Sola Akingbola [Percussion] on M1~12/14
Simon Hale [conduct] on M1/2/4/9/12
Gavyn Wright [Strings] on M1/2/4/9/12
Max Beesley [Vibraphone] on M14
Gary Barnacle [Saxophone] on M1/3/5~7/11
John Thirkell [Trumpet] on M1/3/5~7/11
Katie [Backing Vocals] on M1~3/5~7/9/11
Beverly [Backing Vocals] on M1~3/5~7/9/11
-The London Philharmonic Orchestra- [Strings] on M1/2/4/9/12

-M-Beat Featuring Jamiroquai-
M-Beat [Instruments] on M13
Jay Kay [Vocals] on M13
Toby Smith [Keyboards] on M13
Stuart Zender [Bass] on M13
Derrick McKenzie [Drums] on M13
Wallis Buchanan [Didgeridoo] on M13
Simon Katz [Electric Guitar] on M13
Sola Akingbola [percussion] on M13
Simon Hale [conduct] on M13
Gavyn Wright [Strings] on M13
-Bad Boy Brass-
David Baptiste [Saxophone] on M13
Kenny Wellington [Trumpet] on M13

Co-Produced by Jay Kay, Al Stone [M1~12/14], M-Beat [M13]
Engineered by Al Stone
Mixed by Al Stone
Project Coordinator by Junior Hart [M13]

M13: taken from "M-Beat Featuring Jamiroquai/Where You're Coming From" EP [1996]

14 tracks Edition, with a bonus track, and a hidden track
with Japanese explanation sheet