Aimee Mann / Bachelor No. 2 Or, The Last Remains Of The Dodo


01. How Am I Different [5:04]
02. Nothing Is Good Enough [3:10]
03. Red Vines [3:43]
04. The Fall Of The World's Own Optimist [3:07]
05. Satellite [4:10]
06. Deathly [5:37]
07. Ghost World [3:32]
08. Calling It Quits [4:10]
09. Susan [3:51]
10. Backfire [3:24]
11. It Takes All Kinds [4:06]
12. Save Me [4:34]
13. Just Like Anymore [1:22]
14. You Do [3:46]
01. Save Me [4:32]

Aimee Mann [Vocals, Bass on M1~9/11~14, Guitar on M1, Guitars on M7, Acoustic Guitar on M1/3/6/8~14, Nashville Guitar on M1, Tambourine on M7/9, Bad Hi-Hat on M9, Piano on M10, Background Vocals on M1~4/7~10]
John Sands [Drums] on M1
Buddy Judge [Drum Programming on M1/3, Programming on M8, Drum Loops on M8, Wurlitzer on M8, Background Vocals on M1~5/7/8/11/12/14]
Ric Menck [Drums] on M2/8
Dan McCarroll [Drums on M3/9, Fills on M3]
John Sands [Drums on M4/5/7/10~12, Percussion on M12]
Hank Linderman [Drum Programming] on M9
Michael Lockwood [Guitar on M5, Guitars on M9, Electric Guitar on M7/8/11~13, Electric Guitars on M1/3/4/10, Solo on M6, Melodica on M12, Cheesy Keyboard on M14, Background Vocals on M12]
Michael Penn [Guitar on M13, Slide Guitar on M3, Intro on M3, Guitar Feedback on M5, Background Vocals on M1/5/9]
Jon Brion [Electric Guitars on M4/6, Keyboards on M4, Drums on M6, Bass on M10, Percussion on M10, Marimba on M10, Vibes on M10, Chamberlin on M10, Background Vocals on M6/12]
Clayton Scoble [Electric Guitars] on M4
Jen Trynin [Electric Guitar] on M7
Michael Panes [Violin] on M13
Patrick Warren [Keyboards on M1/5/7/9/11/12, Piano on M3, Chamberlin on M3/8/13/14, Accordion on M12/13, Celesta on M14, Solo on M6]
Benmont Tench [Piano on M2/8, Chamberlin on M2/3]
Michael Hauman [Tambourie on M3, Percussion on M5, Drum Programming on M14]
Mark Flannagan [Trumpet] on M8
Grant Lee Phillips [Background Vocals] on M1/5
Juliana Hatfield [Background Vocals] on M6
Glenn Tilbrook [Background Vocals] on M10

Produced by Jon Brion [M4/6/10], Aimee Mann [M1~3/5/9/10~14], Buddy Judge [M2/8], Mike Denneen [M7]
Engineered by Mike Denneen [M4/6], Brian Scheuble [M2/4/5/8/9/11~14]
Additional Recording by Brian Scheuble [M4/6], Ryan Freeland [M7/10]
Recorded by Mike Denneen [M10]
Vocals Recorded by S. Husky Hoskulds [M1]
Extensive Production Assistance by Buddy Judge [M4/5/9/11~14]
Computer Stuff by Buddy Judge [M4/5/9/11~14]
Assistant Engineers by Elijah Bradford, Carlos Castro, Connie Hill, Dustin Jones
Mixed by Bob Clearmountain [M1~9/12~14], Brian Scheuble [M11], Ryan Freeland [M10]
[Mixed] Assisted by David Boucher [M1~9/12~14], Ryan Freeland [M1~9/12~14]
Mastered by Doug Sax, Robert Hadley

with Japanese explanation sheet