Aimee Mann / The Forgotten Arm


01. Dear John [3:07]
02. King Of The Jailhouse [5:19]
03. Goodbye Caroline [3:53]
04. Going Through The Motions [2:57]
05. I Can't Get My Head Around It [3:37]
06. She Really Wants You [3:26]
07. Video [3:35]
08. Little Bombs [3:49]
09. That's How I Knew This Story Would Break My Heart [4:19]
10. I Can't Help You Anymore [4:52]
11. I Was Thinking I Could Clean Up For Christmas [4:23]
12. Beautiful [4:16]
-Bonus Track-
13. Who Knows [1:00]

Aimee Mann [Vocals, Electric Guitar on M1~12, Acoustic Guitar on M1~12]
Paul Bryan [Bass, Background Vocals] on M1~12
Jebin Bruni [Keyboards on M5/10, Upright Piano on M13]
Jay Bellerose [Drums, Percussion] on M2/4~6
Victor Indrizzo [Drums on M1/3/7~12, Percussion on M1/3/7~12, Cowbell on M3]
Jeff Trott [Electric Guitar on M1~3/5~12, Mandolin on M2/7, Baritone Guitar on M8]
Chris Bruce [Electric Guitar] on M4
Julian Coryell [Guitar on M2, Electric Guitar on M4, Slide Guitar on M10, Keyboard on M10, Vocals on M6/11, Background Vocals on M10]
-West End Horns-
Mark Visher [Tenor Saxophone] on M2
Jason Thor [Trombone] on M2
Willie Murillo [Trumpet] on M2

Produced by Joe Henry
Recorded by Ryan Freeland
Mixed by Ryan Freeland
Engineering Assistance by Chris Renolds, jason Mott
Mastering by Gavin Lurssen


Japanese Edition, with a bonus track
with Japanese explanation booklet