Soundgarden / Superunknown


01. Let Me Drown [3:52]
02. My Wave [5:11]
03. Feel On Black Days [4:42]
04. Mailman [4:25]
05. Superunknown [5:06]
06. Head Down [6:08]
07. Black Hole Sun [5:17]
08. Spoonman [4:06]
09. Limo Wreck [5:47]
10. The Day I Tried To Live [5:19]
11. Kickstand [1:34]
12. Fresh Tendrils [4:16]
13. 4th Of July [5:08]
14. Half [2:14]
15. Like Suicide [7:11]
-Bonus Track-
16. She Likes Surprises [3:17]

Chris Cornell [Vocals, Guitar]
Kim Thayil [Lead Guitar]
Ben Shepherd [Bass, Additional Drums on M6, Percussion on M6, Additional Voccals on M8, Vocals on M14, Guitar on M14]
Matt Cameron [Drums, Percussion, Mellotron on M4]
Michael Benhorn [Piano] on M1
Gregg Keplinger [Additional Drums, Percussion] on M6
Fred Chalenor [Harmonic Guidance] on M9
Natasha Shneider [Clavinet] on M12
April Acevez [Viola] on M14
Justine Foy [Cello] on M14

Produced by Michael Beinhorn, Soundgarden
Engineered by Jason Corsaro
[Engineered] Assisted by Adam Kasper
Mixed by Brendan O'Brien [M1~12/14/15], Michael Beinhorn [M13], Alex Reed [M16]
[Mixed] Assisted by Adam Kasper
[Recorded] Assisted by Joe Hadlock [M16]
Mastered by David Collins
Studio Assistance by Gregg Keplinger, Tony Messina

M8: taken from "Spoonman" EP [1994]

International Edition, with a bonus track

with Japanese explanation sheet