Michael Kiske / Instant Clarity


01. Be True To Yourself [4:38]
02. The Calling [4:07]
03. Somebody Somewhere [4:27]
04. Burned Out [4:44]
05. New Horizons [4:21]
06. Hunted [4:24]
07. Always [4:29]
08. Thanx A Lot! [5:24]
09. Time's Passing By [3:44]
10. So Sick [4:29]
11. Do I Remember A Life? [10:38]
-Bonus Track-
12. A Song Is Just A Moment [4:13]

Michael Kiske [Vocals, Guitars on M1/2/6~8/10~12, Piano on M7, Keyboards on M7/11, Sound Effects on M11]
Kai Hansen [Guitars on M1/5, Solo Guitar on M2/5/8]
Adrian Smith [Guitars on M2/5, Solo Guitar on M2/5/6]
Ciriaco Taraxes [Guitars on M3/4/6/9, Piano on M11]
Kay Rudi Wolke [Drums, Guitars on M9]
Jens Mencl [Bass]
Norbert Krietemyer [Flute] on M11

Produced by Michael Kiske
Engineered by Charlie Bauerfeind [M1~11], Michael Kiske [M12]
Mixed by Michael Kiske, Charlie Bauerfeind [M1~11]

Japanese Edition, with a bonus track, and 2 stickers