Cameo / Machismo


01. You Make Me Work [6:08]
02. I Like The World [6:14]
03. Promiscuous [4:33]
04. In The Night / Cameo Featuring Miles Davis [4:43]
05. Skin I'm In [6:25]
06. Pretty Girls [4:59]
07. Money [2:07]
08. Soul Tightened [4:39]
09. DKWIG [4:37]

Larry Blackmon [Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Bass Guitar]
Tomi Jenkins [Lead Vocals, Background Vocals]
Nathan Leftenant [Background Vocals]
Jean Beauvoir [Guitar]
Michael Brecker [Tenor Saxophone]
Randy Brecker [Trumpet]
Kenny Burker [Bass Guitar]
MichaelBurnett [Bass Guitar, Background Vocals]
Mike Dino Campbell [Guitar]
Merv De Peyer [Drum Programs, Keyboards]
Kenny Garrett [Alto Saxophone]
Kevin Kendrick [Keyboards]
Arnett Leftenant [Tenor Saxophone]
Little Stevens [Guitar]
Sammy Merendino [Drum Programs]
Aaron Mills [Bass Guitar]
Willie Morris [Background Vocals]
Maceo Parker [Alto Saxophone]
Eric Rehl [Keyboards]
Alan Rubin [Trumpet]
Charlie Singleton [Guitar, Background Vocals]
Randy Stern [Keyboards]
Dave Tofani [Tenor Saxophone]
Fred Wesley [Trombone]
Lenny Williams [Guitar]
Bernard Wright [Keyboards]
Miles Davis [Trumpet] on M4
-Uptown Horns-
Crispin Cioe [Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone]
Reobert Funk [Trombone]
Arno Hecht [Tenor Saxophone]
Paul Litteral [Trumpet]

Produced by Larry Blackmon
Recording Engineers by Mark Cobrin, Alan Meyerson, Keith Seppanen, Craig Vogel
Assistant Engineers by Scott Forman, Bob Smith, Andrew Speigelman, Rich Travali
Mmixing Engineers by Dave "O", Keith Seppanen, Craig Vogel
Mastering Engineer by José Rodriguez