Billy Ocean / Suddenly


01. Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run) [7:55]
02. Mystery Lady [5:04]
03. Syncopation [5:21]
04. The Long And Winding Road [4:42]
05. Loverboy [5:17]
06. Lucky Man [4:22]
07. Dancefloor [4:15]
08. If I Should Lose You [4:00]
09. Suddenly [3:57]
-Bonus Tracks-
10. Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run) (Extended Mix) [8:16]
11. Lucky Man (Extended Version) [6:07]
12. Mystery Lady (Extended Version) [6:49]
13. Loverboy (Extended Mix) [8:08]

Billy Ocean [Vocals, Backing Vocals, Linn Drums, Simmons Drums]
Pete Harris [Fairlight Programming]
J.J. [Fairlight Programming]
Barry Eastmond [Keyboards, Synthesizers]
Clarence "Binky" Brice [Guitars]
Eddie Martinez [Guitars]
Vic Linton [Guitars]
Geoff Whitehorn [Guitars]
Keith Diamond [Synth, Bass, Linn Drums, Simmons Drums, Backing Vocals]]
Terry Silverlight [Drums] on M4/9
Tony Moroni [Percussion]
Jeff Smith [Sax]
Curtis King [Backing Vocals]
Cindy Myzelle [Backing Vocals]
Chrissie Faith [Backing Vocals]
Lisa Fischer [Backing Vocals]
Meekaeel M. [Backing Vocals]
Stevie Lange [Backing Vocals]
Katie Kisson [Backing Vocals]

Produced by Keith Diamond
Engineers by Bryon "Chuck"New, Pete Robbins, Steve Goldman
Studio Assistants by Jon Hallett, Ami Ziffer
Mixed by Bryon "Chuck" New, Leith Diamond


M10: taken from "Caribean Queen (No More Love On The Run) [UK/Australian Edition]" 12"EP [1984]
M13: taken from "Loverboy" 12"EP [1984]
M11: taken from "Suddenly" 12"EP [1984]
M12: taken from "Mystery Lady" 12"EP [1984]

Special Edition, Remastered with 4 bonus tracks