Paul Young / Original Album Classics


-No Parlez-
01. Come Back And Stay [7:56]
02. Love Will Tear Us Apart [5:00]
03. Wherever I Lay My Hat (That's My Home) [6:01]
04. Ku-Ku Kurama [4:20]
05. No Parlez [4:54]
06. Behind Your Smile [4:08]
07. Love Of The Common People [5:51]
08. Oh Women [3:34]
09. Iron Out The Rough Spots [7:29]
10. Broken Man [3:55]
11. Tender Trap [4:32]
12. Sex [6:52]

Paul Young [Vocals, Guitar on M1]
Ian Kewley [OBX, Emulator on M10, Marimbas, Bells, Vocal, Vocoder, Piano, Atmospherics, Spiritual Guidance, Strings]
P. C. Mark "Hold Steady" Pinder [Drums, Simmons Kit, TR808, Clay Pots, Sauce Pans, Cow-Bells]
Steve Bolton [Guitar, Lap Steel, Piano Doodlings]
Pino Paladino [Bass Guitar on M1/3~6/8/10~12, Stick on M10]
Inspector Matt Irving [Bass on M2/7/9, ARP, Guitar, Vocals, Roland MC4]
Kim Leslie [Scat, Singing, Congas on M12]
Maz 'Eddie' Roberts [Scat, Singing]
Rico [Tambourine] on M7/11
Dagmar [Vocal] on M2
Ntobi Lekau [Vocals] on M5
Nimsa Calliza [Vocals] on M5
Wally Loate [Vocals] on M5
Chief Dawethi [Vocals] on M5
Fats Mogoboya [Vocals] on M5
Norman Zulu [Vocals] on M5
Zundi Lekau [Vocals] on M5
Jabu Mbalo [Vocals] on M5

Produced by Laurie Latham
Engineered by E. T. Rommel Latham
Mastered by Tim young

M1/3/7/9/12: Extended Version
M6: taken from "Iron Out The Rough Spots" 7"EP [1982]
M7: taken from "Love Of The Common People" 12"EP [1983]
M10: taken from "Wherever I Lay My Hat" 7"EP [1983]
M3/12: taken from "Wherever I Lay My Hat" 12"EP [1983]

CD Edition, with a extra track, and 5 tracks are replaced wth Extended Versions

-The Secret Of Association-
01. Bite The Hand That Feeds [4:29]
02. Everytime You Go Away [5:23]
03. I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down [5:06]
04. Standing On The Edge [4:32]
05. Soldier's Things [6:20]
06. Everything Must Change [5:34]
07. Tomb Of Memories [3:52]
08. One Step Forward [3:41]
09. Hot Fun [4:26]
10. This Means Anything [3:13]
11. I Was In Chains [5:42]
12. Man In The Iron Mask [3:14]

Paul Young [Vocals]
The Royal Family Mr Latham [Wah Wah]
Ian Kewley [Hammond Organ, Yamaha DX7, OBXa, Fairlight CMI, Piano, Emulator]
Pino Palladino [Bass Guitar, The Stick]
Mark Pinder [Acoustic kit, Simmons, Linn Drum, TR808, Metal Percussion, Assorted Percussion]
Kim Leslie [Backing Vocals]
Maz 'Eddie' Roberts [Backing Vocals]
The Fabulous Wealthy Tarts [Backing Vocals]
George Chandler [Backing Vocals]
Jimmy Chambers [Backing Vocals]
Tony Jackson [Backing Vocals]
Steve Bolton [Guitar]
Johnny Turnbull [Guitar, Electric Sitar on M2]
Matt Irving [Keyboards Bass]
B.J. Cole [Pedal Steel Guitar]
Marc Chantereau [Percussion]
Mark Feltham [Bass Harmonica] on M11
Graham Preskett [Violin] on M11
Paul Nieman [Trombone] on M5
Big Jim Patterson [Trombone] on M9
Chris Difford [Backing Vocals] on M7
Glen Tilbrook [Backing Vocals] on M7
Nicky Payne [Saxophone] on M7

Produced by Laurie Latham
Engineered by The Royal Family Mr Latham
Additional Engineering by Stewart Barry, James Illes
Mastered by Tim Young

M6: taken from "Everything Must Change" 7"EP [1984]

-Between Two Fires-
01. Some People [5:05]
02. Wonderland [5:02]
03. War Games [4:20]
04. In The Long Run [4:22]
05. Wasting My Time [5:18]
06. Prisoner Of Conscience [4:22]
07. Why Does A Man Have To Be Strong? [4:22]
08. A Certain Passion [4:15]
09. Between Two Fires [3:51]
10. Wedding Day [5:31]
11. Steps To Go [5:11]

Paul Young [Lead Vocals]
David Palmer [Drums, Drum Programming]
Pino Palladino [Bass]
Matt Irving [Keyboards]
Steve Boltz [Guitar, Sitar]
Tony Jackson [Vocals]
Ian Kewley [Keyboards, Hammond Organ]
Hamish Stuart [Vocals]
Betsy Cook [Vocals]
Danny Cummings [Percussion]

Produced by Hugh Padgham, Paul Young, Ian Kewley
Engineered by Hugh Padgham
Assisted by Croydon
Production Assistance by Palladino
Mastered by Bob Ludwig

-Other Voices-
01. Heaven Can Wait [4:12]
02. A Little Bit Of Love [3:52]
03. Softly Whispering I Love You [4:14]
04. Together [4:33]
05. Stop On By [5:23]
06. Our Time Has Come [4:39]
07. Oh Girl [3:36]
08. Right About Now [5:11]
09. It's What She Didn't Say [5:04]
10. Calling You [5:08]

Paul Young [Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals on M6, Acoustic Guitar on M3]
Manu Katché [Drums] pn M3~5/8
Vinnie Colaiuta [Drums] on M6/9/10
Neil Conti [Drums] on M1
Graham Ward [Drums] on M7
Danny Cummings [Percussion] on M4/5
Pino Palladino [Bass] on M1/3~5/9/10
Julian Crampton [Bass] on M7
Dave Gilmour [Lead Guitar on M1, Guitar Solo on M2]
Robbie McIntosh [Electric Guitar on M3, Guitar on M4]
Steve Bolton [Rhythm Guitar] on M1
Dominic Miller [Nylon Guitar on M3, Acoustic Guitar on M3, Main Guitar on M8]
Neil Hubbard [Guitar] on M5
Dan Huff [Guitar] on M6
Robert Ahwai [Guitar] on M7
David Williams [Guitar] on M9
Dori Caymmi [Guitar, Vocals] on M10
Nile Rodgers [Programmed Rhythm Track, Guitar] on M2
Warne Livesey [Programmed Synthesiser on M3, Synthesiser on M3, Programmed Keyboards on M8, Additional Keyboards on M4, Other Programming on M4, Bass on M8, Extra Guitar on M8]
Martin Page [Programmed Keyboards on M8, Additional Keyboards on M6, Bass on M8, Percussion on M6, Background Vocals on M6]
Wix [Piano on M1/3/4/8, Organ on M1, Hammond on M4]
Richard Cottle [Keyboards on M1/5, Hammond on M3]
Richard Hilton [Programmed Rhythm Track] on M2
Andres Levin [Programming (Extra Drum Samples)] on M2
Pete Wingfield [Piano] on M7
Steve Winwood [Hammond] on M5
Larry Williams [Keyboards, Programmes, Sax] on M6
Peter Wolf [Keyboards] on M9/10
Anne Dudley [Strings] on M3/7
Guy Barker [Flugelhorn] on M4
Stevie Wonder [Harmonica] on M7/10
Chaka Khan [Harmony Vocal] on M1/5
Jimmy Chambers [Background Vocals] on M1/3/4/7
Jimmy Helms [Background Vocals] on M1/3/4/7
George Chandler [Background Vocals] on M1/3/4/7
Ava Cherry [Background Vocals] on M1/8
Belva Haney [Background Vocals] on M1/8
Beverley Skeete [Background Vocals] on M1/8
Lamya [Background Vocals] on M2
Fonzi Thornton [Background Vocals] on M2
Michelle Cobbs [Background Vocals] on M2
Robert Carr [Vocals] on M3
Joan Todd [Vocals] on M3
Carroll Thompson [Vocals] on M3
Merlin Sutherland [Vocals] on M3
Paul Lee [Vocals] on M3
Carlos Fuentes [Vocals] on M4
Liliana Chachian [Vocals] on M4
Tommy Funderburk [Background Vocals] on M6
Phyllis St James [Background Vocals] on M6
Joe Pizzulo [Background Vocals] on M6/9
Ina Wolf [Background Vocals] on M9
Phillip Ingram [Background Vocals] on M9
Oren Waters [Background Vocals] on M9
Darryl Finnesey [Background Vocals] on M9

Produced by Wayne Livesey [M1/3~5], Nile Rodgers [M2], Martin Page [M6], Pete Winfield [M7], Warne Livesey [M8], Peter Wold [M9/10]
Mixed by Bob Clearmountain [M1/3/7], Michael Brauer [M2/4~6/8], Bino Espinoza [M9], Paul Erickson [M10]
Engineers by Steve Jackson, Ted Hayton, Bino Espinoza [M9/10], Patrick Dillett [M2]
Strings Engineer by Mike Ross [M3/7]
Additional Overdubs Engineer by Mark Chamberlain
Recorder by Joe Scott [M6/9]

-The Crossing-
01. Hope In A Hopeless World [4:19]
02. Now I Know What Made Otis Blue [4:00]
03. Brng Me Home [4:03]
04. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter [4:21]
05. Won't Look Back [5:23]
06. Only Game In Town [4:20]
07. Love Has No Pride [3:46]
08. Down In Chinatown [5:36]
09. Half A Step Away [5:00]
10. Follow On [4:10]
11. It Will Be You [4:41]

Paul Young [Vocals, Background Vocals on M6]
Kathleen Turner [Special Guest Vocal] on M8
Jeff Porcaro [Drums] on M1/5~7/9/10
Peter Van Hooke [Drums] on M3
Ed Greene [Drums] on M11
Lenny Castro [Percussion] on M1/5~10
Luis Conte [Tambourine on M1, Congas on M4, Timbales on M4, Shaker on M4]
Paul Jackson Jr [Electric Guitar on M1/4, Guitar on M11]
Phil Roy [Guitar, Background Vocals] on M1
Roy Hay [Guitar, Keyboards] on M1
Peter Vale [Keyboards, Guitar, Programming, Bass, Background Vocals] on M2
Neil Hubbard [Rhythm Guitar] on M2
Tim Renwick [Guitar] on M3
Dean Parks [Acoustic Guitar on M5/7/9/10, Electric Guitar on M8, Slide Guitar Solo on M7]
Reggie Young [Electric Guitar] on M5/7/9/10
Mark Goldenberg [Guitar] on M6
Belly Preston [Hammond B-3] on M1
Bob Thiele [Keyboards, Background Vocals] on M1
Adrian Lee [Keyboards, Bass] on M3
Louis Biancaniello [Keyboards on M4, Sequencing on M4, Programming on M8]
Jamie Muhoberac [Additional Keyboards] on M4
Larry Knechtel [Piano] on M5/7/9/10
Benmont Tench [B-3] on M5/7/9/10
Don Was [Mellotron on M5, Vibes on M8]
Martin Page [Keyboards, Piano, Programming, Background Vocals] on M6
Robbie Buchanan [Keyboards] on M9/10
Jim Cox [Organ] on M11
Greg Phillinganes [Piano] on M11
Alan Estes [Vibes] on M11
Davey Faragher [Bass] on M1
James "Hutch" Hutchinson [Bass] on M5/9
Pino Paladino [Bass] on M6/7/10
Freddie Washington [Bass] on M11
Kirk Whalum [Saxophone] on M4/5
Gary Herbig [Sax Solo] on M11
Stephen Kujala [Flute] on M9
Mark Feltman [Harmonica] on M2
Tommy Morgan [Bass Harp] on M10
Larry Corbett [Cellos on M5/7, Cello on M10]
Suzie Katayama [Cellos on M5/7, Cello on M10]
Charlie Bisharat [Violins] on M5/7/10
Ron Clark [Violins] on M5/7/10
Novi Novag [Viola] on M5/7/10
Ken Wild [Bass] on M10
Jon Clarke [Woodwinds] on M5/7/10
Angel Rogers [Background Vocals] on M1
Billy Valentine [Background Vocals] on M1
Beverley Skeate [Background Vocals] on M2
Sylvia Mason James [Background Vocals] on M2
Pam Sheyne [Programming Background Vocals] pn M3
Linda Taylor [Programming Background Vocals] pn M3
Willie Greene [Background Vocals] on M5/7/9/10
Arno Lucas [Background Vocals] on M5/9
Leslie Smith [Background Vocals] on M5/9
Wayne Murray [Background Vocals] on M7/10
Francine Reed [Background Vocals] on M7/10
Everett Drake [Background Vocals] on M7/10
Portia Griffin [Background Vocals] on M8
Jessica Williams [Background Vocals] on M8
Myma Smith [Background Vocals] on M8
Anita Sherman [Background Vocals] on M8
Delta Dickerson [Background Vocals] on M8
Patty Smith [Background Vocals] on M10
Jim Gilstrap [Background Vocals] on M11
Dorian Holley [Background Vocals] on M11
Darryl Phinnessee [Background Vocals] on M11
Kevin Dorsey [Background Vocals] on M11
David Campbell [Strings Conducted] on M11
-The Memphis Horns-
Wayne Jackson [Trumpet, Trombone] on M7
Andrew Love [Saxophone] on M7

Produced by Don Was [M1/4~10], Peter Vale [M2], Chris Neil [M3], Steve Lindsey [M11]
Engineered by Richard Whaley [M2], Simon Hurrell [M3], Gabe Veltri [M11]
[Engineered] Assisted by Paul Mortimer [M3]
Mixed by Bob Clearmountain [M1], Laurie Latham [M2], Chris Neil [M3], Ken Kessie [M4/8], George Massenburg [M5], Chris Lord Alge [M6], Ed Cherney [M7], Rik Pekkonen [M9/10], Bill Schnee [M11]
[Mixed] Assisted by Alex Reed [M1], Randall J Wine [M1], Very Young Daniel Bosworth [M4], Marnie Riley [M5/7], talley Sherwood [M6], Danny Alonso [M8], Dan Bosworth [M9], Young Dan Bosworth [M10]
Recorded by Rik Pekkonen [M1/4~10], Gabe Veltri [M11]
[Recorded] Assisted by Young Dan Bosworth [M1/4~10], Noel Hazen [M11]
Additional Vocals Mixed by Laurie Latham [M4]
Additional Recording Produced by Laurie Latham [M5]

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