Bryan Ferry / Boys And Girls


01. Sensation [5:04]
02. Slave To Love [4:26]
03. Don't Stop The Dance [4:19]
04. A Waste Land [1:02]
05. Windswept [4:32]
06. The Chosen One [4:51]
07. Valentine [3:46]
08. Stone Woman [5:13]
09. Boys And Girls [5:09]

Bryan Ferry [Vocals, Keyboards, Piano, Percussion, Harmonica]
Alfa Anderson [Backing Vocals]
Jon Carin [Keyboards]
Michelle Cobbs [Backing Vocals]
Rhett Davies [Musician]
Yanick Etienne [Backing Vocals]
Colleen Fitz-Charles [Backing Vocals]
Lisa Fitz-Charles [Backing Vocals]
Simone Fitz-Charles [Backing Vocals]
Guy Fletcher [Keyboards] on M2
David Gilmour [Lead Guitar] on M5/8
Omar Hakim [Drus] on M2
Virginia Hewes [Backing Vocals]
Ednah Holt [Backing Vocals]
Neil Hubbard [Lead Guitar] on M2
Neil Jason [Bass]
Chester Kamen [Guitars]
Mark Knopfler [Lead Guitar] on M7
Tony Levin [Bass] on M2
Jimmy Maelen [Percussion]
Martin McCarrick [Cello]
Marcus Miller [Bass]
Andy Newmark [Drums] on 1/3~9
Nile Rodgers [Lead Guitar] on M1
David Sanborn [Saxophone] on M3
Keith Scott [Lead Guitar] on M2
Alan Spenner [Bass]
Anne Stephenson [Strings]
Fonzi Thornton [Backing Vocals]
Ruby Turner [Backing Vocals]

Engineers by Rhett Davies, Bob Clearmountain, Neil Dorfsman, Femi Jiya, Dominick Maita, Brian McGee, Andy Lydon
Assistants by Benji Armbrister, Carb, Steve Churchyard, Randy Ezratty, Dave Greenberg, Kevin Killen, Mike Krowiak, Bruce Lampcov, John Levell, Heff Moraes, Peter Revill, Kendal Stubbs
Mastered by Robert C. Ludwig
Mixed by Bob Clearmountain
Produced by Rhett Davies, Bryan Ferry