Dido / Safe Trip Home


01. Don't Believe In Love [3:52]
02. Quiet Times [3:17]
03. Never Want To Say It's Love [3:35]
04. Grafton Street [5:57]
05. It Comes And It Goes [3:27]
06. Look No Further [3:13]
07. Us 2 Little Gods [4:49]
08. The Day Before The Day [4:13]
09. Let's Do The Thinga We Normally Do [4:09]
10. Burnin Love Dido With Citizen Cope [4:11]
11. Northern Skies [8:55]

Dido [Vocals on M1~9/11, Durms on M2, Guitar on M2/7/8/11, Piano on M6, Additional Piano on M9, Keyboards on M4, Additional Keyboards on M1, Omnichord on M3, Recorders on M4, Bells on M4]
Jon Brion [Piano on M5/9, Keyboards on M1/6, Multiple Keyboards on M11, Celeste on M6, Guitar on M1, Guitars on M3, Cello Guitar on M9, Bass on M1/3/5/6, Capitol Chambers on M6, Talentmaker on M9, Additional Percussion on M9, Drum Machine on M11, Tom Toms on M11, Orchestra Conducted on M1/3/5/6/9/11]
Mark Bates [Piano on M7, Keyboards on M7/8, Wurly on M7, Programming on M2/7/8, Editing on M2]
Sister Bliss [Keyboards, Bass, Programming] on M4
Brian Eno [Additional Keyboards, Ambience] on M4
Matt Chamberlain [Drums on M1/5/9, Percussion on M9]
Mick Fleetwood [Drums] on M4
Lenny Castro [Percussion] on M1/4/7
Joel Shearer [Additional Guitar] on M2/7
Justin Meldal-Johnsen [Bass] on M2/7
Sebastian Steinberg [Bass] on M9
Jim Scott [Drums] on M7
Eric Caudieux [Programming, Editing] on M1/3~6/9/11
Michael Price [Orchestration] on M1~6/8/9/11
Matt Robertson [Orchestration] on M1~6/8/9/11
Matt Dunkley [Orchestration] on M1~6/8/9/11
Eric Gorfain [Orchestration] on M1~6/8/9/11
Gavin Wright [Orchestra Session Leader on M1/3/5/6/9/11, Orchestra Conducted on M2/4/8]

-Dido With Citizen Cope-
Dido [Vocals, Additional Drums] on M10
Clarence Greenwood [Vocals, Drums, Guitar] on M10
Mark Bates [Piano, Keyboards, Programming] on M10
Justin Meldal-Johnsen [Bass] on M10

Produced by Jon Brion [M1/3/5/6/9], The Ark [M2/4/7/8/10], Dido [M2/4/7/8/10]
Recorded by Greg Koller [M1/3/5/6/9], Jim Scott [M2/4/7/10], Grippa [M8]
Vocals Recorded by Grippa [M8]
Mixed by Greg Koller [M1/3/5/6/9], Jim Scott [M2/4/7/10], Jon Brion [M3/5/6/9], Grippa [M8]
Vocals Mixed by Jim Scott[ M8]
Strings Mixed by Jim Scott [M8]
Assisted by Todd Steinhauer [M2/4/7/10]
Studio Assistants by Bret Rausch [M1/3/5/6/9]
Assistants & Studio Stuffs by Rouble Kapoor, Alex Pavlides, Wesley Seidman, Paul Smith, Chris Bolster, Josh Newell, Brady Woodcock, Nick Braun, Bobby Campbell
Album Mastered by Alan Yoshida

M1: taken from "Don't Believe In Love" EP [2008]

3-sided gatefold cardboard sleeve