Duncan Sheik / Duncan Sheik


01. She Runs Away [3:43]
02. In The Absence Of Sun [5:05]
03. Barely Breathing [4:15]
04. Reasons Or Living [4:31]
05. Days Go By [4:48]
06. Serena [4:43]
07. Out Of Order [4:30]
08. November [4:56]
09. Home [4:48]
10. The End Of Outside [4:45]
11. Little Hands [6:04]

Duncan Sheik [Vocals on M4/5/7~9/11, Lead Vocals on M1~3/6/10, Harmony Vocals on M1~3, Backing Vocals on M6/10, Acoustic Guitar on M1/3/5/7/8/10/11, Electric Guitar on M1/3/7/10, Electric Rhythm Guitar on M6, 12-String Guitar on M6, E-Bow Guitar on M3, Nylon String Guitar on M9, Piano on M3/4/7, Keyboard on M4/11, Organ on M6/8, Accordion on M9, Drum Programming on M4~6/9, Samples on M3]
Fran Banish [Lead Guitar on M6/10, Electric Guitar on M1, Electric Guitars on M9, Slide Guitar on M1, Ambient Slide Guitar on M3]
Pino Palladino [Bass] on M1~3/7
Milo DeCruz [Bass on M6, Bass Guitar on M10]
Jean-Michel Bigor [Drums] on M1~3/6/7
Rupert Hine [Keyboards on M9, Percussion on M1/3/6, Backing Vocals on M3/10]
Howard Jones [Outro Piano] on M4
Druadhri Cushnan [Inifinite Reverbs] on M9
Simon Hale [Strings Conducted] on M1/2/5/8/10
-London Session Orchestra- [Strings on M1/2/8, Quartet on M5/10]
Gavyn Wright [Strings Sections Led] on M1/2/5/8/10

Produced by Rupert Hine
Mixed by Stephen W. Taylor
Recorded by Ruadhri Cushnan, Stepehn W. Taylor
Assisted by Cyrille De Smet
Strings Recorded by Minnie Matt [M1/2/5/8/10]
Mix Assisted by Gareth Ashton
Mastered by Tony Cousins