Duncan Sheik / Humming


01. In Between [4:34]
02. Rubbed Out [5:10]
03. Bite Your Tongue [3:58]
04. Alibi [4:10]
05. Varying Degrees Of Con-Artistry [6:57]
06. That Says It All [4:19]
07. Everyone, Everywhere [3:32]
08. A Body Goes Down [6:08]
09. Nothing Special [3:31]
10. House Full Of Riches [5:40]
11. Nichiren [4:42]
-Bonus Track-
12. In The Absence Of Sun '98 [4:15]
-hidden track-
13. Foreshadowing [8:07]

Duncan Sheik [Vocals, Electric Guitar on M2/3/7/10/12/13, Acoustic Guitar on M2~4/6/8/12/13, Acoustic Guitars on M9, Baritone Acoustic Guitar on M10/13, Resonator on M1, Nylon Guitar on M1/7, Steel String Guitar on M1, Slide Guitar on M4, Pinao on M1/2/4/5/11, Synthesizer on M7, Harmonium on M1/11]
Gerry Leonard [Electric Guitar on M1~4/6/7/10, Electric Guitars on M9, Acoustic Guitar on M5/8/11]
Spooky Ghost [Guitar Loops] on M2/3/6/10
Jeff Allen [Bass on M2~4/6~8, Acoustic Bass on M1, 5-String Bass on M10, 5-String Fretless Bass on M5, Mexican 6-String Acoustic Bass on M11]
Mark Plati [Bass] on M9
Pino Palladino [Bass] on M12
Matt Johnson [Drums] on M2~8/10/11
Jean-Michel Bigor [Drums] on M12
Juliet Prater [Percussion on M1/2/4/6/9~11, Bodhrain on M5]
Trevor Morais [Bass Drum] on M5
Rupert Hine [Backing Vocals on M2, Piano on M2/6, Treated Piano on M11, Harmonium on M5/10]
Abdellah Miry [Violin] on M8
Jason Lanier [Alto Flute on M8/11, Hu Lu Si on M11]
Jay Belrose [Cocktail Kit] on M1
Simon Hale [Orchestral Conducted] on M1/4/5/7/10/12
-The London Session Orchestra- [Strings on M4/5/7/10/12, String Quartet on M1, Bass Clarinet on M1, Flute on M1]
Gavyn Wright [Strings Sections Led] on M12

Produced by Rupert Hine
Remix Produced by Peter Nashel [M12]
Recorded by Ruadhri Cushnan, Mark Plati [M1/9], Stepehn W. Taylor
[Recorded] Assisted by Cyrille De Smet [M12]
Mixed by Bob Clearmountain [M1~11/13], Mike Tudor [M12]
[Mixed] Assisted by David Boucher [M1~11/13], Tom Dekorte [M12]
Additional Recording by David Boucher, Mark Plati
Additional Guitar Recording by Gerry Leonard
Additional Production by Mark Plati [M1]
Strings Recorded by Gary Thomas [M4/5/7/10], Minnie Matt [M12]
[Strings Recorded] Assisted by David Walter [M4/5/7/10]
Strings Quartet, Bass Clarinet And Flute Recorded by John Gallen [M1]
[Strings Quartet, Bass Clarinet And Flute Recorded] Assisted by Andrew Dudman [M1]
Morrocan Strings Produced by Richard Horowitz [?]
Mastered by Greg Calbi

M12: taken from "Bite Your Tongue" EP [1998]

Japanese Edition, with a bonus track, a hidden track, and Japanese explanation booklet

M13: M12[6:15~14:23]