Duncan Sheik / Daylight: Limited Tour Edition


01. Genius [3:41]
02. Half-Life [3:57]
03. Start Again [3:53]
04. On Her Mind [4:09]
05. Such Reveries [4:58]
06. On A High [3:38]
07. Magazines [3:45]
08. For You [2:09]
09. Good Morning! [4:02]
10. Memento [3:45]
11. Shine Inside [6:06]
-hidden track-
12. Chimera [3:54]
01. Barely Breathing (Live Acoustic) [4:52]
02. Half Life (Live Acoustic) [4:07]
03. Bite Your Tongue [3:58]
04. On A High (G&D Love From Humboldt) [4:14]
05. Reasons For Living (Madamix) [7:42]

Duncan Sheik [Guitar on D2M1/2, Acoustic Guitars on D1//D2M2~4, Electric Guitars on D1//D2M3/4, Keyboard on D2M5, Synthesizers on D1//D2M4, Piano on D2M5, Electric Piano on D1//D2M4, Harmonium on D1//D2M4, Drum Programming on D2M5, Vocals, Background Vocals on D1//D2M4]
Gerry Leonard [Electric Guitars on D1//D2M4, Electric Guitar on D2M3, Loops on D1//D2M4, Ambiences on D1//D2M4, Mandolin on D1//D2M4, Background Vocals on D1M3]
Pete Min [Siren Guitar] on D1M6
Mick Jones [High-Strung Guitar] on D1M4
Spooky Ghost [Guitar Loops] on D2M3
Jeff Allen [Bass] on D1//D2M3/4
Doug Yowell [Drums, Percussion] on D1//D2M4
Patrick Leonard [Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Synthesizers, Organs, Moog Bass] on D1//D2M4
Howard Jones [Outro Piano] on D2M5
Jay Bellerose [Drums] on D1M3
Matt Johnson [Drums] on D2M3
Julie Prater [Percussion, Backing Vocals] on D2M1
Duane LaVold [Background Vocals] on D1M1
Neal Casal [Background Vocals] on D1M9
-London Session Orchestra-
Gavyn Wright [Orchestra Led] on D1M2/5/10/11
Dave Woodcock [Violin] on D1M2/5/10/11
Becca Hirsch [Violin] on D1M2/5/10/11
Jacky Shave [Violin] on D1M2/5/10/11
Pat Kiernan [Violin] on D1M2/5/10/11
Boguslav Kostecki [Violin] on D1M2/5/10/11
Julian Leaper [Violin] on D1M2/5/10/11
Cathy Shave [Violin] on D1M2/5/10/11
Bruce White [Viola] on D1M2/5/10/11
Gustav Clarkson [Viola] on D1M2/5/10/11
Rachel Bolt [Viola] on D1M2/5/10/11
Dave Daiels [Cello] on D1M2/5/10/11
Mick Stirling [Cello] on D1M2/5/10/11
Mary Scully [Bass] on D1M2/5/10/11

Produced by Patrick Leonard [D1//D2M2/4], Rupert Hine [D2M3/5], Duncan Sheik [D2M3]
Co-Produced by Duncan Sheik [D1//D2M4]
Additional Production by Madam [D2M5]
Post Production Directed by Johnny "D" DeMairo [D2M4]
Post Production by Johnny "D" DeMairo [D2M5]
Engineered by Michael Tudor [D1//D2M4]
Digital Editing by David Channing [D1//D2M4]
Recorded by Ruadhri Cushnan [D2M3], Ruadhri Cushnan [D2M5], Stepehn W. Taylor [D2M5]
Additional Recording by David Boucher [D2M3], Mark Plati [D2M3]
Additional Guitar Recording by Gerry Leonard [D2M3]
[Recorded] Assisted by Cyrille De Smet [D2M5]
Mixed by Kevin Killen, Bob Clearmountain [D2M3], Stephen W. Taylor [D2M5]
[Mixed] Assisted by David Boucher [D2M3], Gareth Ashton [D2M5]
Strings Recorded by Steve Price [D1M2/5/10/11]
Assistant Engineer by Katrina Leigh [D1//D2M4], Steve Genewick [D1//D2M4]
Digitally Edited by Stewart Whitmore [D1//D2M4]
Pre-Production Assistance by Pete Nashel [D1//D2M4], Jack Livesy [D1//D2M4], James Hunter [D1//D2M4], Michael Tudor [D1//D2M4], Duane LaVold [D1//D2M4]
Remixed Produced by Josh Gabriel [D2M4], Dave Dresden [D2M4]
Remix by Madam [D2M5]

Recorded Live at Le Reservoir, Paris, Île-de-France, France, September 19, 1996 [D2M1]
Recorded Live at MHz Networks, Falls Church, VA, USA, February 7, 2003 [D2M2]

D2M1: taken from "At The Reservoir A Live E.P. [Promo]" EP [1996]
D2M5: taken from "Reasons For Living" EP [1997]
D2M3: taken from "Humming" LP [1998]
D2M4: taken from "On A High" EP [2003]

Limited Tour Edition, with a cardboard o-card, and a bonus CD

D1M12: D1M11[6:24~10:19]