Duran Duran / Greatest


01. Is There Something I Should Know? [4:10]
02. The Reflex [4:24]
03. A View To A Kill [3:34]
04. Ordinary World [4:42]
05. Save A Prayer [3:47]
06. Rio [4:45]
07. Hungry Like The Wolf [3:25]
08. Girls On Film [3:27]
09. Planet Earth [3:57]
10. Union Of The Snake [4:22]
11. New Moon On Monday [4:16]
12. Wild Boys [4:17]
13. Notorious [4:00]
14. I Don't Want Your Love [3:48]
15. All She Wants Is [4:26]
16. Electric Barbarella [4:17]
17. Serious [3:56]
18. Skin Trade [4:26]
19. Come Undone [4:15]

Simon Le Bon [Lead Vocals, Harmonica on M1]
Nick Rhodes [Keyboards, Synthesizers on M5~11, Sound Effects on M5~7]
John Taylor [Bass on M1~15/17/18, Backing Vocals on M5~7]
Roger Taylor [Drums on M1~3/5~12, Percussion on M5~7]
Andy Taylor [Guitar on M1~3/5~12/18, Vocals on M1, Backing Vocals on M5~7]]
Warren Cuccurullo [Guitars on M4/14~19, Bass on M16]
Sterling Campbell [Drums] on M15/17
Nile Rodgers [Guitars] on M13/18
Chester Kamen [Guitars] on M14/15
Steve Ferrone [Drums] on M4/13/14/18
Anthony J. Resta [Live Drums, Additional Rhythm, Programming] on M16
Clem Burke [Live Drum Fill] on M16
Raphael Edjesus [Percussion] on M2/10/11
Mark Kennedy [Percussion] on M2/10/11
Jimmy Maelen [Percussion] on M13/18
Marc Chantereau [Percussion] on M14/15
Jonathan Elias [Digital Sampling on M3, Additional Keyboards on M14/15]
John Jones [Programming on M4/19, Keyboards on M4/19, Drums on M4/19, Bass on M19]
Sherman Foote [Additional Programming] on M14/15
Mark Tinley [Programming] on M16
John Jones [Programming, Additional Keyboards] on M17
Spike Edney [Additional Keyboards] on M17
Michelle Cobbs [Additional Vocals] on M2/10
B J Nelson [Additional Vocals] on M2/10
Tessa Niles [Backing Vocals] on M13/17~19
Curtis King Jr. [Backing Vocals] on M13/18
Brenda White-King [Backing Vocals] on M13/18
Cindy Mizelle [Backing Vocals] on M13/18
Janiece Jamison [Backing Vocals] on M14
Carole Fredericks [Backing Vocals] on M14
Carol Kenyon [Backing Vocals] on M17
Bernard Fowler [Backing Vocals] on M17
John Barry [Orchestra Conducted] on M3
Andy Hamilton [Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone] on M2/10
Andy Hamilton [Saxophone] on M6
Mac Gollehon [Horns on M13/18, Trumpet on M14]
Patrick Bourgoin [Saxophone] on M14
Stan Harrison [Saxophone] on M14/17
-The Borneo Horns-
Lenny Pickett [Horns] on M13/18
Stan Harrison [Horns] on M13/18
Steve Elson [Horns] on M13/18

Produced by Alex Sadkin [M2/10/11], Ian Little [M11], Duran Duran [M3/4/11~15/18/19], Bernard Edwards [M3], Jason Corsaro [M3], John Jones [M4], Colin Thurston [M5~9], Nile Rodgers [M12/13/18], Daniel Abraham [M13~15], Jonathan Elias [M14/15], TV Mania [M16], Chris Kimsey [M17]
Co-Produced by Ian Little [M1], Duran Duran [M1]
Additional Production by Shep Pettibone [M14]
Associate Producer by Simon Le Bon [M16], Syn Pro Tokyo [M16], Duran Duran [M17]
Produced in Association with Ian Little [M2/10], Duran Duran [M2/10]
Engineered by Jason Corsaro [M3/12], Colin Thurston [M5~9], Daniel Abraham [M13/18], Mark Tinley [M16], Christopher Marc Potter [M17]
Second Engineers by Danny Mormando [M14/15], Dave Wy [M14/15], Jean-Loup Morette [M14/15]
Additional Engineering by Tim Paddock [M16]
Assistant Engineer by Michael Butterworth [M17]
Recorded by John Jones [M4], Daniel Abraham [M14/15]
Recording Engineers by Phil Thornalley [M2/10/11], Peter Wade-Schwier [M2/10/11]
Live Drums Recorded by Tony Taverner [M4/19]
[Live Drums Recorded] Assisted by Stuart Every [M4/19]
Mixed by Ian Little [M1], Alex Sadkin [M1], Nile Rodgers [M2], Jason Corsaro [M2/3/10~12], David Richards [M4/19], Steve Peck [M15], Daniel Abraham [M13~15/18], Anthony J. Resta [M16], Bob St. John [M16]
Mix Engineer by Phil Thornalley [M1/2/10/11], Bob Rosa [M14], Bob St. John [M16]
Additional Mix by Shep Pettibone [M14]
Mix Assistant Engineer by Mike Nocito [M1], Gareth Ashton [M16]
Co-ordination by Nigel Reeve
Compilation by Nigel Reeve
Mastered by Terry Burch, Nigel Reeve


M2/4/7~9: Single Version
M5: US Single Version
M6: US Edit
M14: Shep Pettibone 7" Mix
M13/15: 45 Mix
M16/17/19: Edit
M18: Radio Cut

M9: taken from "Planet Earth" 7"EP [1981]
M8: taken from "Girls On Film" 7"EP [1981]
M7: taken from "Hungry Like The Wolf" 7"EP [1982]
M5: taken from "Save A Prayer [US Edition]" 7"EP [1982]
M1: taken from "Is There Something I Should Know?" 7"EP [1983]
M10: taken from "Union Of The Snake" 7"EP [1983]
M11: taken from "Seven And The Rugged Tiger" LP [1983]
M2: taken from "The Reflex" 7"EP [1984]
M12: taken from "The Wild Boys" 7"EP [1984]
M3: taken from "A View To A Kill" 7"EP [1985]
M13: taken from "Notorious" 7"EP [1986]
M18: taken from "Skin Trade" 7"EP [1987]
M14: taken from "I Don't Want Your Love" 7"EP [1988]
M15: taken from "All She Wants Is" 7"EP [1988]
M17: taken from "Serious" 7"EP [1990]
M4: taken from "Ordinary World" 7"EP [1992]
M19: taken from "Come Undone" 7"EP [1993]
M16: taken from "Electric Barbarella [UK Edition]" CDEP [1997]

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