SLPM-80196 はちゃめちゃ PON! 創造性開発エ デュテインメント


SLPM-80196 Hacha Mecha Pon! Souzou Sei Kaihatsu Edutainment (= creativity development edutainment)

No, it's not a book for children... Open it and you will discover a Playstation game inside!

It's part of Sunmark's three educational hibaihin softwares.

I can't figure out what the third kanji of the subtitle is (性???)... It seems to be "創造性開発エデュテインメント" (Souzou-Sei Kaihatsu Edutainment). If so, this one is aimed at enhancing creation skills...

It was not available through commercial circuits. If you have more information on how it was distributed, please contact me.