SLPM-80270 オーバーブラッド2 プレミアム ディスク THE "EAST EDGE" FILE + Mission Map 2 plus “α”


SLPM-80270 OverBlood 2 Premium Disc The “East Edge” File + Mission Map 2 plus “α”

It was distributed as a bonus to 10 000 people who had reserved Over Blood 2. I don't know why but it's rather rare on sale... There is no video about it anywhere.

It contains a "Premium disc" entitled THE "EAST EDGE" FILE as well as a MISSION MAP 2 plus "α".

THE "EAST EDGE" FILE is a digital material collection that contains CGs and character profiles that do not exist in the main game. The MISSION MAP 2 plus" α " is an original map capture collection useful for the early stages of Over Blood 2.