SLPM-80429 ネッツレーシング


SLPM-80429 Toyota Netz Racing

ay of distribution : it was offered to people who came to car dealerships to try Toyota vehicles. It includes a video with Toyota new car models as well as 4 game modes on 4 tracks based on real circuits.

The game engine used it the same as that used in Advan Racing, released a year before.

Game modes :

- Spot race

- Netz racing

- Time attack

- VS race

Available vehicles:

- Aristo V300

- Chaser Tourer V

- MR2 GT-S

- MR2 G Limited

- Altezza RS 200 6M/T

- Altezza RS 200 5A/T

- Altezza AS 200

- Trueno BZ-R