PAPX-90006 ウィザードリィ Ⅶ スペシャル ディスク (« メイキングCD-ROM »)


PAPX-90006 Wizardry VII Special Disc (« Making CD-ROM »)

I'm proud to show you the ultimate grail on Playstation! This software is a ghost... It's the rarest PlayStation hibaihin, rumor says there is only 1 copy...
On page 76, the Hibaihin Gamesoft Guide Book whose writer is Jironosuke, the finest Japanese videogame hibaihin-specialist, states this :

"PS『ウィザードリィVIIガーディアの宝珠』の早解き賞品. ゲームを進めて『レジエンドの地図』を写真撮影し、付属の応募券をとともに送るともらえたようです。応募のハードルが高, 1枚しか配布されなかったとも言われています。
パッケージ裏に説明があり、「モンスターのアニメーシヨンとイベントムービー』が鑑賞できることが記載されています。協力:得物屋24時間 ("

Translation : "Wizardry VII ~Guardia no Houju~ time-limited answer prize. It seems that you had to play the game, take a picture of the "Legend map" and send the accompanying ticket together. The hurdle of application is high, it is said that only one was distributed."
Instructions are written on the back of the package, it contains "Monster animations and event movies". With the cooperation of : 得物屋24時間(

The webmaster of EMONOYA Wizardry site (the most renowned Wizardry-related website in Japan) is Boltac, the largest Wizardry collector and the only one person in the world to have ever spoken of Wizardry VII no Making CD-ROM. According to Wizardry community rumor, only 1 copy seems to have ever been distributed...

It is often refered to with the "beta" name ウィザードリィVIIのメイキングCD-ROM (Wizardry VII no Making CD-ROM). Why am I speaking of some "beta" name? Because it was momentaneously presented in that way at the time of the campaign launch when production had probably not begun...

It was eventually named ウィザードリィ Ⅶ スペシャルディスク (Wizardry VII Special Disc) in the end...

Yes, you get it, it might be the only one copy in the world: it has only appeared once in 23 years (we are in 2018 as I am writing it)... It is a precious piece of history.

As a global exclusivity, I am revealing the true name and the serial every database wants to know... (I let you discover it in the pictures ;) )

EDIT : I've seen that major databases have now been updated with the serial :-)

CAMPAIGN :"Somewhere in a vast dungeon in the game there is a 'Map of Legend' you must acquire. Please display it in the item confirmation window and photograph the screen.
For confinement, enclose the photograph and the application ticket below and include your address, name and age. Please indicate your phone number and apply to the address below.
A lottery will reward 1,000 people with a "Wizzardry VII" Making CD-ROM.

In order to get a copy of the Special Disc, you had to take a photo of the TV screen with the "Legend Map" (or Map of Legend), a key item that is required to complete the game. And pray to be part of the potential 1000 lucky winners in a lottery.

Simple, isn't it?

The truth is that this key item proves very difficult to obtain... As it allows you to unlock the final areas, don't expect to try to get it before your characters are highly leveled up. If you are familiar with Wizardry games then you know that it takes a very very long time (and a few resets!) to complete them...

AND the Legend Map is hard to find, hidden somewhere in a vast world full of traps and strong ennemies !

AND, you must hurry because at any time, in-game characters may steal it away from its secret place, making it almost impossible to find back...

If you are not familiar with Wizardry games, you are dead! The series is made for hardcore gamers only.

Then you had to send the photography back to get one of the 1000 copies available in a time-limited campaign from October 13th 1995 to November 10th 1995!!! Yes, it was almost impossible in such a short time...

In such conditions, it does not seem so surprising that only one hardcore gamer would have managed to get in the lottery and win a copy... Yes, that's the kind of games that you buy but which you never complete in the end... And among the retail sealed copies of the game that I happened to see, only the early (then hard-to-find) copies had a campaign sticker on it...

All these pieces of information seem to explain why Wizardry VII Special Disc, yet belonging to a very famous global licence, has remained in deep obscurity, even to the largest store kaitori lists and why nobody, even the finest collectors have never got wind of it.


- event movies

- monster animations