SLPM-84010 GRV 2000


GRV 2000 is a memorial box regrouping all Groovisions design works, it was released to celebrate the new millennium.

It contains a file in a binder, posters and a Playstation software with 24 movies from Groovisions!

It's very strange but so cool for a company to include their works in a PS1 CD!

I think this choice is rather smart since Playstation softwares are more complex to copy than PC CDs... And it also proves more difficult to extract videos and pictures in order to to copy them to computers.

A negative point for Groovisions is that there are fewer potential buyers who possess a PS1 console than buyers who have a computer. This probably explains why there is no clear mention on the outer box stating that it contains a PS1 software!

They are clever in Groovisions...