PCPX-96017 プレプレ 先取り情報 CD-ROM Vol.1


PCPX-96017 PurePure (PlayPlay/PrePre) Sakidori Jouhou CD-ROM Vol.1


Demo Play Room

- Sengoku Cyber - Fujimaru Jigokuhen

- Beyond the Beyond

- Horned Owl

- Wizardry VII

- TIZ ~Tokyo Insect Zoo~

- Destruction Durby (it's written "Durby" and not Derby...)

- ESPN Extreme Games

- Kururin PA!

- Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling - Toukon Retsuden

Mumu Times

- Exclusive pictures from Ridge Racer Revolution!

- Exclusive video from Toshinden 2!

- Get your hand on pictures fromTokyo Shadow!

- Exclusive pictures from Two-Tenkaku

- Making-of pictures from Wing Commander III ~Heart of the Tiger~

Memory Bank

- Tekken : data that can be used for Devil Kazuya

- Zero Divide : unlock all characters, Cygnus 12 hit combo, Special moves...

- Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling - Toukon Retsuden : data to be used for Great Muta and Power Warrior, replay data (Great Muta vs X Warrior)

Original Station

- Interactive interview of Cobra's original author Takezawa Takeichi

- Digital manga : Suzy Amakane

- Dancing MuuMuu : dancing and singing in a fuss

- Information : notice from MuuMuu (Announcement of a major "super technique" recruitment)