1999 [Super Deluxe Edition]/Prince/日本盤再発売 CD アルバム


・Little Red Corvette/Prince
・Let's Pretend We're Married/Prince
・Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)/Prince
・Lady Cab Driver/Prince
・All The Critics Love U In New York/Prince
・International Lover/Prince

・1999 [Edit]/Prince
・1999 [Mono Edit]/Prince
・Free [Edit]/Prince
・How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore/Prince
・Little Red Corvette [Edit]/Prince
・All The Critics Love U In New York [Edit]/Prince
・Lady Cab Driver [Edit]/Prince
・Little Red Corvette [Dance Remix Edit]/Prince
・Little Red Corvette [Dance Remix]/Prince
・Delirious [Edit]/Prince
・Horny Toad/Prince
・Automatic [Edit]/Prince
・Automatic [Video Version]/Prince
・Let's Pretend We're Married [Edit]/Prince
・Let's Pretend We're Married [Mono Edit]/Prince
・Irresistible Bitch/Prince
・Let's Pretend We're Married [Video Version]/Prince
・D.M.S.R. [Edit]/Prince

・Feel U Up/Prince
・Irresistible Bitch/Prince
・Money Don't Grow On Trees/Prince
・Bold Generation/Prince
・International Lover [Take 1 (Live In Studio)]/Prince
・Turn It Up/Prince
・You're All I Want/Prince
・Something In The Water (Does Not Compute) [Original Version]/Prince
・If It'll Make U Happy/Prince
・How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore [Take 2]/Prince

・Delirious [Full-Length]/Prince
・Purple Music/Prince
・Yah, You Know/Prince
・Moonbeam Levels/Prince
・No Call U/Prince
・Can't Stop This Feeling I Got/Prince
・Do Yourself A Favor/Prince
・Don't Let Him Fool Ya/Prince
・Teacher, Teacher/Prince
・Lady Cab Driver / I Wanna Be Your Lover / Head / Little Red Corvette/Prince

・Controversy incl. 1999 'don't worry...' intro/Prince
・Let's Work/Prince
・Little Red Corvette/Prince
・Do Me, Baby/Prince
・How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore/Prince
・International Lover/Prince
・D.M.S.R. incl. 1999 coda/Prince

・Controversy incl. 1999 'don’t worry...' intro/Prince
・Let’s Work/Prince
・Do Me, Baby/Prince
・interlude / piano improvisation/Prince
・How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore incl. With You (instrumental) [Int]/Prince
・Lady Cab Driver/Prince
・International Lover/Prince
・Head incl. Sexuality lyrics [Int]/Prince

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