WELL KEPT SECRET / Norma Winstone


WELL KEPT SECRET / Norma Winstone
(Koch Records / KOC 3-7836-2)

1. Where or When
2. A Timeless Place
3. I Dream Too Much
4. It Amazes Me
5. Prelude to a Kiss
6. Joy Spring
7. Remind Me
8. A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing
9. Dream of You
10. Morning Star

Norma Winstone: vocals
Jimmy Rowles: piano
George Mraz: bass
Joe La Barbera: drums
Stacy Rowles: flugelhorn

Recorded at Mad Hatter Studios, LA
October 1993

2の “A Timeless Place” は Bill Evans の “YOU MUST BELIEVE IN SPRING” 5曲目にも収録されている,Jimmy Rowles 作の “The Peacocks” に歌詞をつけたもの。ブリッジの部分の(屈折した)メロディを歌い切っているのは凄い。Winstone 自身が “I never really thought about whether it was ‘singable.’” と(ライナーノーツ中のインタビュー内で)語っている。