RIP Robby Steinhardt (July 17, 2021, aged 71)

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カンサスの創設メンバー ヴァイオリン奏者のロビー・スタインハートが死去 - amass

カンサスの創設メンバーであるヴァイオリン奏者のロビー・スタインハート(Robby Steinhardt)が死去。71歳でした

Kansas Violinist, Vocalist Robby Steinhardt Dead at 71 - Rolling Stone

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Kansas Founder and Violinist Robby Steinhardt Dead at 71

Kansas founding member, violinist and vocalist Robby Steinhardt died in July 2021.

Robby Steinhardt, Kansas Founding Member, Dies | Best Classic Bands Robby Steinhardt, Kansas Founding Member, Dies - Best Classic Bands

The band's longtime co-lead singer and violinist had been admitted to the hospital a few months earlier for acute pancreatitis


Kansas frontman Robert Eugene “Robby” Steinhardt has died | KSNT News

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Rock violinist and singer, Robert Steinhardt, known for his work with the group Kansas from 1973 to 1982 and from 1997 to 2006 has died. The website Louder reported the Lawrence native has died after a short illness. “We are beyond devastated as our lives were about to start a new adventure. […]


Kansas violinist Robby Steinhardt dies, aged 71 | Louder

The Kansas violinist, vocalist and MC Robby Steinhardt has died after a short illness


Musician Robby Steinhardt dies • St Pete Catalyst

Robby Steinhardt, the Tampa musician who topped the charts in the 1970s as a founding member of the band Kansas, died Saturday of complications from acute pancreatitis. He was 71.


Kansas Violinist And Co-Founder Robby Steinhardt Has Died At 71

The co-founder of Kansas, whose violin playing helped to define their sound, has died at age 71.


Lawrence native Robby Steinhardt, rock violinist for band Kansas, dies at 71 | News, Sports, Jobs - Lawrence Journal-World: news, information, headlines and events in Lawrence, Kansas

Robby Steinhardt of the band Kansas died Saturday at age 71 after a brief illness. Steinhardt grew up in Lawrence and formed the classic rock band — famed fo


Former Kansas band violinist Robby Steinhardt dies from pancreatitis

Robert E. "Robby" Steinhardt, former violinist and vocalist with the band Kansas, died Saturday at age 71 of complications from pancreatitis.

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