RIP Steve Bronski (December 9, 2021, aged 61)

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1980年代に活躍したシンセポップの先駆的グループ、ブロンスキ・ビート(Bronski Beat)の共同創設メンバーで、キーボード奏者のスティーヴ・ブロンスキ(Steve Bronski)が61歳で逝去した。

ブロンスキ・ビートのスティーヴ・ブロンスキ、死去 | BARKS


ブロンスキ・ビートのキーボード奏者 スティーヴ・ブロンスキが死去 - amass

英国のシンセポップ/ニュー・ウェイヴ・トリオ、ブロンスキ・ビート(Bronski Beat)の創設メンバーであるキーボード奏者のスティーヴ・ブロンスキ(Steve Bronski)が死去。61歳でした



Bronski Beat founder Steve Bronski dies at 61 - BBC News

The keyboard player was one-third of the 1980s pop group, whose hits included Smalltown Boy.

Steve Bronski: co-founder of Bronski Beat dies aged 61 | Music | The Guardian

Bronski formed the influential gay pop trio with Jimmy Somerville and Larry Steinbachek, which had hits in the 80s including Smalltown Boy

Steve Bronski, founder of Bronski Beat, dies aged 61 | Ents & Arts News | Sky News

Jimmy Somerville, who formed the band with Bronksi and Larry Steinbachek in 1983, shared the tribute on Twitter, calling him a "talented and very melodic man".

Steve Bronski Dead: Bronski Beat Co-Founder Was 61 – Billboard

Steve Bronski of the Bronski Beat has died, the '80s group shared on social media on Thursday (Dec. 9).

Bronski Beat Member Steve Bronski Dies at 61 | Best Classic Bands Bronski Beat Member Steve Bronski Dies at 61 - Best Classic Bands

An original member of the group that scored with the dance-pop hit "Smalltown Boy" in 1984 is dead. He later re-formed the band and recorded a new album.

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