RIP Tom Verlaine (January 28, 2023, aged 73)

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テレヴィジョンのトム・ヴァーレインが死去 - amass


ニューヨーク・パンクの元祖「テレヴィジョン」のトム・ヴァーレインさん死去(東スポWEB) - Yahoo!ニュース


テレヴィジョンのトム・ヴァーレイン(Tom Verlaine)追悼――独自のギターとリリックで後進に影響を与えたNYパンクの詩人 | Mikiki


テレヴィジョンのトム・ヴァーレインが逝去。享年73歳 | NME Japan




Tom Verlaine, Co-Founder of Television Band, Dies at 73 | Best Classic Bands Tom Verlaine, Co-Founder of Television Band, Dies at 73 - Best Classic Bands

He was the singer, songwriter and guitarist, alongside Richard Lloyd, in the influential '70s era rock band

Tom Verlaine, Founding Member of Rock Band Television, Dies at Age 73 - WSJ

Band’s album ‘Marquee Moon’ is widely considered one of the best records of the 1970s

The Quietus | News | Television's Tom Verlaine Has Died, Aged 73

A new rock music and pop culture website. Editorial independent music website offering news, reviews, features, interviews, videos and pictures

Television frontman Tom Verlaine dies at 73 - BBC News

His band rose to fame in the 1970s New York punk scene, scoring UK hits including Marquee Moon.

Tom Verlaine, Influential Punk Guitarist, Dead at 73

Tom Verlaine, an iconic punk guitarist known as the front man for the band Television, has died at the age of 73, according to Patti Smith’s daughter, Jesse Paris Smith.

Words From The Front / Tom Verlaine

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