RIP Tina Turner (May 24, 2023, aged 83)

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改訂 2023/05/26 10:49

ティナ・ターナー死去 - amass


「ロックンロールの女王」、ティナ・ターナーさん 83歳で死去 - BBCニュース


「ロックンロールの女王」ティナ・ターナーさん死去、83歳(字幕・25日) | ロイタービデオ


ティナ・ターナーさん死去、80年代洋楽ブームのスターだった…名曲は日本のバラエティーにも - 梅ちゃんねる - 芸能コラム : 日刊スポーツ

ロックの女王と称された米歌手ティナ・ターナーさんが死去し24日、所属事務所から発表されました。83歳でした。80年代洋楽ブームのど真ん中世代にとっては、文字通… - 日刊スポーツ新聞社のニュースサイト、ニッカンスポーツ・コム(。

「ロックの女王」、ティナ・ターナーさん死去 多くの音楽家に影響:朝日新聞デジタル


Tina Turner: legendary rock’n’roll singer dies aged 83 | Tina Turner | The Guardian

Turner who initially found fame in a turbulent musical partnership, became one of the biggest acts in the world as a solo artist and one of the defining pop icons of the 1980s

Tina Turner Is Mourned By Fellow Music Legends | Best Classic Bands Tina Turner Is Mourned By Fellow Music Legends - Best Classic Bands

Fellow stars are paying tribute to Tina Turner, calling her "the legendary queen of rock 'n' roll." She was 83

Tina Turner photos: life and career in pictures - Los Angeles Times

Here are a few of the photos illustrating Tina Turner's long stint in the spotlight.

Tina Turner, Magnetic Singer of Explosive Power, Is Dead at 83 - The New York Times

Hailed in the 1960s for her dynamic performances with her first husband, Ike, she became a sensation as a recording artist, often echoing her personal struggles in her songs.

Tina Turner, legendary American singer dubbed the 'Queen of Rock'n'Roll', dies aged 83 - ABC News

The American-born singer left a hard-scrabble farming community to become one of the top recording artists of all time.

Private Dancer (Centenary Version) [+7] / Tina Turner

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Break Every Rule / Tina Turner

My CD Collection

Simply The Best [US version] / Tina Turner

My CD Collection

The Platinum Collection / Tina Turner

My CD Collection

We Are The World / USA for Africa (Various Artists)

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Music From The Television Series "Miami Vice" サウンドトラック "マイアミ・バイス"

My CD Collection

Reckless / Bryan Adams

My CD Collection

Reckless [30th Anniversay Editon] / Bryan Adams

My CD Collection

Tonight / David Bowie

My CD Collection

River:The Joni Letters ジョニ・ミッチェルへのオマージュ / Herbie Hancock

My CD Collection

80's Symphonic

My CD Collection

Super Twins : Behind The Sun / August / Eric Clapton

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