Takara Licca chan new gen


I love researching about traditional clothes of various countries. One of my favorites is the Japanese traditional Kimono. For my rescued Takara Licca doll (she came with a very damaged hair, so I have to cut her hair and make her a bun), I just altered a free kimono dress I got from the second-hand shop to make her an outfit. I always make use of everything in my stash even doll clothes that are damaged (this were usually given as freebie from the shops) to give them second life. I added the fur, handsewn the bag, and hair accessories. I was aiming for the coming-of-age traditional look for girls. I know Licca chan is not 20 years old, but I don't have any Jenny or even the mama Orie dolls at that time I made this. Maybe in my day-off I will recreate this look for my Jenny dolls.

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      Thank you for your comment! I wish I could have done better with the bag. Small things do take a lot of time to work on.