A Three-Dimensional Victorian Doll House (1998)


My only pop-up book of Victorian themed house. These books were quite difficult to find, especially the miniature ones. What I find so charming in this book is the craftmanship and attention to details. Since what I have is so old now, some parts were missing especially the paper doll that comes a long with it. Here is the description at the back of the book:
"This beautifully illustrated carousel doll house has two stories, and eight rooms. When you tie back the strings, the house stands on its own, revealing exquisite decorative details and pop-up furniture like a mirrrored armoire, a tufted settee, a chandelier and a baby grand piano. The press-out pieces include stand-alone dolls and play accessories— even a mini doll house! With three-dimensional surprises in every room, this doll house will delight children and collectors alike."

ISBN: 1-89693-882-5
Designed by: Willabel L. Tong
Illustrated by: Phil Wilson
Paper-engineered by: Renée Jablow