MaBa (Mattel and Bandai) Barbie doll 1990


I got this doll in a thrift shop in a bad condition. I bought her in a very cheap price because her hair was tangled really bad, and she has a slight crack at the neck. Because of her condition I don't really know if she was the Star Princess Barbie, or the Happy Bridal Barbie that Mattel and Bandai produced together after the Mattel-Takara partnership.

What I noticed about the Maba dolls was that they slightly resemble Jenny, but the body was the same material as the vintage Mattel Barbies. I still need more research about the Maba Barbies because I read from a site before that there is another doll which almost resembled the old Jenny dolls and there was another doll produced after the Mattel-Bandai partnership ended.

I don't really have enough information about this doll if this was considered rare considering that it was produced under a company partnership that was long gone.

The dress that I gave her was a Takara Licca chan dress that I repaired. I added laces and ribbons to make it look like the Afternoon Party Barbie which has a wavy hairstyle.