1977 Koeda-chan tree house


The 1977 Koeda-chan tree house is the first tree house playset in the toy line. A complete set included a swing, a yellow bird and telescope-looking object that you can attach on the top of the tree. There were also yellow furnitures and cute pink cardboard deviders for each room. The 1977 Koeda-chan figures were also different. Their bodies were orange before. Mine is not complete. I also don't have the 1977 figures (hoping I can find one soon). But I'm very happy that I got the very first Koeda-chan tree house that pioneered the charm of the toy line from the 70's to the 2000s.

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    2022/09/16 - 編集済み

    nostalgic! I used to play with this toy when I was little.
    I was nice that this tree house is a two-story building with an elevator.

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      These kind of toys really brings back nostalgic feelings! It was very unique too that they thought of such design for toys.