Asahiflex Ⅰ と Olympus 35 の比較 Comparison of Asahiflex I and Olympus 35 English text added


Asahiflexの量産試作機がOlympus 35を2台継ぎ合わせて作られたという。そこで手元にある一番若いボディ番号のAsahiflex ⅠとOlympus 35を比較してみました。(Asahiflex Ⅰの巻き戻しノブは正面から見るとファインダーに隠れる部分ができるので背後からの写真です。)フィルム巻き上げ、巻き戻しノブの位置、形状がよく似ているのがわかります。

It is said that a mass-produced prototype of Asahiflex was made by joining two Olympus 35s. So I compared the earliest body number I have with the Asahiflex I and an Olympus 35. (The rewind knob of Asahiflex I is a photograph from the back because it can’t be seen completely when viewed from the front.) You can see that the position and shape of the film winding and rewind knob are very similar