"Pacific Street" / The Pale Fountains


"Pacific Street" / The Pale Fountains
Released 27.February 1984
from Virgin Records Ltd.

・LP(Vinyl 12")V 2274
・LP(Vinyl 12" / Japan edition w/obi)
・LP(Picture Disc,)V2274
(Bonus track A6.'Palm Of My Hand'+
B6.'Thank You')
・Cassette TCV 2274
・CD, Album, Reissue / CDV 2274(UK 1994)
・CD Japanese edition / TOCP-65363(22.Dec.1999)
・CD, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered, MINI-LP(Japan TOCP-70158)(20.Dec.2006)

A1.Reach 4:10
A2.Something On My Mind 3:55
A3.Unless 4:40
A4.Southbound Excursion 2:32
A5.Natural 3:20
6.(B1).Faithful Pillow Pt. 1 1:39
7.(B2).(Don't Let Your Love) Start A War 3:38
8.(B3).Beyond Fridays Field 4:03
9.(B4).Abergele Next Time 3:49
10.(B5).Crazier 3:40
11.(B6).Faithful Pillow Pt. 2.1:59

・Bonus Tracks(CDV 2274(UK 1994))
12.Palm of My Hand * 3:45
 Producer – Alan Rankine, Greg Walsh
13.Love's A Beautiful Place*
 Producer – Alan Rankine, Greg Walsh
14.Meadow Of Love* 3:03
 Producer – Pete Walsh*
15.Thank You* 3:06
 Producer – Robin Miller

・Bonus Tracks
(CD Japanese edition / TOCP-65363)
12.Thank You
Producer – Robin Miller
13.Meadow Of Love
Producer – Pete Walsh
14.(There's Always) Something On My Mind (Remix) 2:41
15.Palm Of My Hand
Producer – Alan Rankine, Greg Walsh
16.Unless (Extended Version) 6:06
17.(Don't Let Your Love) Start A War (Alt. Version) 3:35
18.Just A Girl 3:18
19.Palm Of My Hand (Instrumental) 4:01
20.Love Situation 3:54
21.(Don't Let Your Love) Start A War (Extended Version) 4:43

Vocals, Guitar – M. Head
Bass, Percussion – C. McCaffrey
Drums, Percussion – T. Whelan
Trumpet, Keyboards – A. Diagram

Composed By – Michael Head
Arranged By – The Pale Fountains
Producer – Howard Gray, The Pale Fountains
Engineer – Howard Gray

Cello – Marc L'Etarjet
Drums [Oil], Percussion – M. Barradas
Flute – Julie Andrews (3)
Keyboards [Additional] – Trixi (2)
Lead Guitar, Guitar [Extra] – John

Photography By [Front Plate] – Mario De Biasis
Photography By [Inside Plates] – Mark Baker
Sleeve – Town & Country Planning, The Pale Fountains


My artist who changed my life, 'Michael Head' ..
My story of Mick Head..

Do not do what I think, picking 'all-time favorite albums', it will overflow with them.
'The Pale Fountains', 'Shack' and 'Michael Head & The Strands', 'Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band' ...

My love for Mick Head can not be expressed in words.

I have not picked them, I have advanced ...until day 9.

I probably pick "HMS Fable" from Shack and "Artorius Revisited" from Red Elastic Band.
"Comedy" is one of my most beloved songs.
I also have a strong feeling for "Artorius Revisited".

But this time, I decided on this one, the album which is the starting point of my love to Mick Head.

"Pacific Street" by The Pale Fountains
(Virgin V 2274 UK 1984)

One day in 1982, I ran into a record shop by their first single "Something On My Mind / Just a Girl" by chance.

I was struck by "Just a Girl".
It was released from the record shop in Japan "Shinsei-Do".
In Japan, several records of 'Les Disques Du Crépuscule' were released from "Shinsei-Do".
Antena, Border Boys and Mikado ..

I also liked the name of the band "The Pale Fountains" very much.
That's nice naming.

In 1984, their first album was released from Virgin.
A fancy arrangement like Bacharach, Sound of acoustic guitar, Spearmint voice of Mick .. Beautiful Trumpet of Andy, brilliant Baseline of Biffa ...
Orchestration like John Barry..

There is no masterpiece single such as "Thank You" or "Palm of My Hand" there.
However, it is complete as a movie soundtrack as an album.
It has various elements of music crossover.
It is a complicated arrangement, every time I listen it has new discoveries and I always feel fresh. They are the charm of this album. Just "classic" eternity.

I have collected all their single (7 inch and 12 inch) like crazy.
from "Just a Girl"(OPT009 7") to...
And also cassette tape ...
(Some my Facebook friends know about that. haha ​​..)

Eventually they formed Shack..

I have kept track of Mick's music all the time since 1982. Over more than 35 years ...

I was able to meet Mick for the first time personally,
It is 2008.
One day, suddenly I heard the news of the reunion of The Pale Fountains.
I decided to go to UK soon without thinking.
Just two days gig at Liverpool and London. It was a great two days.
I was moved to tears.
After the gig finished I waited for him outside the door of venue.
I met Mick for the first time.
That 'great songwriter' ..

I joined the band and covered "Thank You" and sang.
In 2010 Mick found a "Thank You" I sing on YouTube and heard it with Alice, his beloved daughter. And they gave me a message.
"Reach" to Mick..

In 2012, I went to Liverpool to meet Mick. Enjoyed lunch beer with Mick, and he came to my hotel room.
He made me listen to "Artorius Revisited EP" before release.
It is absolutely a secret thing..
That was absolutely wonderful content.
Mick, along with the sound source, sang "Newby Street" to me.
It was a dreamliest day for me. I went to a place related to him at Liverpool..
BBC, The Kazimier, BRINK ..
There was a REB gig poster(for Kazimier 18.Oct.2013, that Great Peacock Artwork by Pascal..) there.

'Violette Records' is the most wonderful record label in the world for me.
From the time the label was founded I love them, I still buy all the posters they release for show love for Mick.

The gig of Union Chapel in London in 2014 is also one of the best memories..

In 2016 We released Mick Head 's cover song album..

I am constantly loving the newest Mick Head of now.
His work always does not disappoint me.
He always evolves and I can not help loving his latest work all the time.
His works all become 'classic'. That's right, just as Mick said 'hope my works will be classic' ...

Mick Head is spending time with my music life.
It is exactly 'All-Time'...
even now and forever, always ..
I have no day when I do not remember Mick.
"(There's Always) Mick is On My Mind" .. x

I am able to meet lots of friends thanks to Mick Head.
Almost my encounter with Facebook friends is thanks to Mick.
I always appreciate him.
And I am thankful to my wonderful friends.

I will go to London on 5th May with my GF 'rie" to meet our newest Mick..."Islington Excursion"..
It is a real honor and pleasure that I was drawn on the brilliant poster of that gig Illustratoration by Brian McHenry.

Michael Head is part of my life.

I originally meant to mention 'Pacific Street'...
But the result was 'About my love for Mick Head'.. haha..
"Thank You"
hiro as Mick "Crazier" with Big Love from Tokyo..x

"Reach"(2008 PF reunion)