Globe Soprano Ukulele 1930年代 Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co.


1930年代制作のGlobe Soprano Ukulele  
Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co.

Globe Music Company - St Charles, Illinois

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Company History

The Globe Music Company was a manufacturer of affordable instruments from Chicago. They are not very well known and I suspect many of their instruments are attributed to more familiar manufacturers like Kay or Harmony. Yet Globe was a large enough operation to attend meetings of musical instrument dealers and manufacturers along with big players such as Grover, Harmony, Jackson-Guldan, Vega, Waverly, Regal, etc [3]. They are most known for their ukuleles, especially their banjo ukulele with that wacky headstock (pictured above), but they did produce mandolins and guitars.

Their instruments were finished in Pyralin which is based on nitrocellulose [6]. Many of them also had celluloid nuts.