Brung to ewe by


A1 'Get It Together Man'
A2 'On A Fishing Boat'
A3 'You Know What I Mean'
A4 'Ram Ram...Boogie'
A5 'Rama Rama...'
A6 'We've Got To Get This Album Together Man'
A7 Snatch Of 'Uncle Albert'
A8 Snatch Of 'Ram On'
A9 'Ram' With Sounds Of Sheep
A10 'Ram On' And Sheap Noises
A11 'On A Fishing Boat'
A12 'Ram Ram'
A13 'What Is This, Paul: This Is Work Woman'
A14 Paul Rambling In Scottish Accent
A15 Very Short Clips Of Tracks
A16 'Please Don't Bring My Banjo Back'