The Secret. By Chamber of Wonder


デザイナーAlba Zapataがイルミナティ文化からの複数の参照とシンボルを描き、デッキ全体にそれらを表現したデック。
* Proudly revealed in two Editions - Scarlet and Virescent Edition. 
* Printed by Taiwan Playing Cards Company (TWPCC).
*  Legendary Luxury Card Finish. 
*  Fully custom court cards inspired by the Illuminati Culture.
* Custom pips illustrated in its finest details.
Tuck Case
*  Fully Embossed Tuck Case with Red/Green Interlaced with Gold Foil. 
* Intricate Artwork infused with Red/Green and Gold Foil in the Inner Tuck Case. 
* Fulfillment by Gambler Warehouse in United States.
* Limited Edition of 2000 Decks with Foil-Numbered Seal