Solis - The Eye of the Ocean


Welcome to 1776 A.D. This is an archaeo-fantasy adventure from the age of sails taking place in Europe and Atlantic Ocean. Join the crew of Cpt. Solveig Hellström to find the mysterious Eye of the Ocean: an ancient sailing island guardian of the seven seas.
Finally we set sails! Thank you for being onboard.

* 56 cards, printed by Cartamundi on B9 slimline paper stock
* Gold foil application on the back design of the cards
* Puzzle card Solis printed with letterpress
* Tuckbox printed by Oath Playing Cards.
* Printed tuckbox, gold foil, embossing, inner print with Triton's Iris schematics, custom dieline and opening.
* 100% custom
* Jigsaw puzzle deck: compose a map with the 56 cards
* Custom illustrations: aces, court cards, jokers
* Wrapped in Cellophane
* Made in the EU

* 4〜6枚目画像は、メーカープロモーションを引用。