The picks with their pseudonyms are listed below:

● Nelson Wilbury = George Harrison
● Nakihama wilbury = George Harrison
(From the Tour with Eric Clapton in Japan1991 @ Tokyo Dome)
● Sir Edmund Wilbury = George Harrison
● Otis Wilbury = Jeff Lynne
● Lucky Wilbury = Bob Dylan
● Lefty Wilbury = Roy Orbison
● Charlie T. Jr. Wilbury = Tom Petty
● Ayrton Wilbury = Dhani Harrison
● Ken Wilbury = Gary Moore

● Biff Wilbury =?
● Betty Wilbury =?
● Gladys Wilbury =?
● Cyril Wilbury =?

Unfortunately, we don’t know who all of the true identities are at this point. As for Biff, Betty, Gladys and Cyril Wilbury, The drummer and Traveling Sidebury, Jim Keltner laughed and said “Some of those picks may have had no meaning at all. The guys would just sit around and think up so many Wilbury names that just made them laugh.” For now, the mystery continues.

Incredibly Rare Picks.

only 1 of the Misspelled Pick = "Travelling Wilbury's" is missing to Complete.

The Complete Set of 15 Picks once shows up on the auction and sold for $74,000 in August, 2010.

There is Gary Moore = aka. Ken Wilbury pick exsists. See the other listing. So that there are 16 Wilbury Picks exsits to complete.
You can see 15 Pcks out of 16 here on Muuseo.