1983-2015 FRONT (All Different)


Although looks like ALL the same one, Slightly different each other.

Top Row
- Far Left = No Star = Very 1st Custom Pick. (MEGA RARE)
- Far Right = Ultra Rare Fender Pick w/ Sign.
They say No Star Pick was used in STEELER days in 1983... But Not sure... He usually loved to use Generic Standard Fender Extra-Heavy Picks in Tort color or White one and always Said “I hate Gibson.”

The others are from Alcatrazz days in 1984-1985.

2nd Row
- White Fender is from Alcatrazz Japan Tour 1984. Yngwie also had the same style of Tort Fender Pick.
- Tort Fender 1.21mm Pick is from very 1st Rising Force Japan Tour 1985.
(FYI. : Eddie Van Halen had the very same Picks on the Very First Japan Tour in 1978 although he had his Custom Picks.)

Pink Triangle Pick is Promo for Rising Force / Marching Out album.

4th Row Picks are from 1985.

5th Row - All Different Gauges. Older Sign.

6th Row - All Different Gauges. Smaller Sign.

7th Row - Promo.
- Red Pick is Ultra Rare Australian Promo.

2nd Row from Bottom - Different Gauges. Larger Sign.
- Purple Pick was Stage Used on the Orchestra Show in Japan. Yngwie was using Larger and Bolder Signed Picks in those days.

Bottom Row - Music Store Picks - - Different Gauges.
- Sometimes these Store Picks are used on stage when he runs out of his custom picks.

MORE Update will be coming soon...

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