1983-1986 - FRONT - UPDATED


Here’s the almost complete set of early BonJovi Picks. The only one missing on this scan is Gold on Black Jon Bon Jovi that Ongaku-sha, the promoter of the Japan Tour ‘85, gave him those Pickboy’s Picks as a present since Jon did not have custom picks at that time. - He was using Sambora’s picks on the Japan Tour ‘85. And In ‘86, Jon finally had the custom.

Top Row
Far Left - Richie Sambora’s very first custom Pick -Miss Printing = Richie SAMBORO
2nd from Left - Aldo Nova - "Runaway" Recording Pick.
3rd from Left Red Sambora pick with his sign. on is from Super Rock 84 in Japan that is very first Rock Festival in Japan. 4th from Left Pink Pick - Super Rock 1984 in Japan Merchandise
2 of the Far Right - Black and White Picks - from Tour 1985
2nd Row - Manny’s Pick is from The First Tour with 38 Special. Alec used Yamaha medium Triangle tort color pick on Japan Tour ‘85.
2of the Tort Alec picks were from’85-‘86
3rd Row Far Left - Bronze printing Black Pick is from ‘85 to ‘86.
Gold on Black and 2of the White Picks were both Jon’s from ’86. Nothing on Back White Pick is Thin Gauge.
4th Row + Bottom
Slippery When Wet Tour 1986-1987

2 of the Yellow Picks - 4th Row 2nd & 3rd Picks looks like the same pick.
- The Same Color, The Same Design, BUT, Different Gauges
= Medium : Richie Sambora
= Thin : Jon Bon Jovi