Dream Theater / Guitar Picks 1992-2017 - FRONT


Top Row "Jazz III" picks are Real Stage Used Picks - COOL Picks from "Octavarium Japan Tour" is missing.
- Far Left = Normal Jazz III was used on "Images & Words Japan Tour 1992"
- 2nd Pick from Left = 1995
- 3rd Pick = 2003
- Far Right = 2015

Across the 3rd Row - Colored Picks Earnie Ball Set.

Across the 4th Row - Earnie Ball JP logo picks - Silver on white is missing.
Far right is Promo Picks comes with CD purchases on “Images, Words and Beyond” 25th Anniversary Japan Tour.

5th Row - 4 picks from left are Thrown Picks by Myung and Petrucci.
2 picks of Right are European Promo.

Across the 6th Row - Complete Set of 5 Colors of Japanese Promo.

Across the 7th Row - Tin Picks from“A Dramatic Turn of Events”

Across Bottom Row - Dunlop Picks available at music stores.
As for “John Petrucci Jazz III” picks - real one that Petrucci used on stage (Top Row right) have “ULTEX JAZZ III” on the back. and Music Store Picks (2 Picks in the middle of bottom row) have “ULTEX PRIMETONE” on the back.